What You Should Know About USHealth Advisors

What is USHealth Advisors

USHealth Advisors is a health insurance marketing company in the US, under the US Health Group. This firm has been providing insurance services for several years. If you are looking for an insurance firm with affordable prices and covers your needs adequately, USHealth Advisor is the ideal firm to visit. Moreover, it’s dedicated to offering help to small business owners, individuals, and families, and the self-employed, so they can get affordable health coverage. With the mission of helping other people every day, you are guaranteed of a secure healthy tailored plan at US Health.



1) USHealth Advisors insurance

USHealth Advisor aims at offering covers that are both affordable, and comprehensive to its clients. Like discussed in regard to helping, it pays attention small business owners, and the self-employed, but not groups by providing cover to their assets. In addition, it provides insurance covers to the dependents of the employee. This is helpful especially to lower income earners hence empowering the society at large.

USHealth advisors provide insurances in more than 35 states by providing a secure advantage plan. This plan applies to the Great West Cigna, which is also available in most of the 35 states it operates in.



2) US Health Advisors BBB

BBB refers to the better business bureau. The US Health Advisor is highly rated according to the BBB body. This insurance firm received the BBB accreditation in 2013.On the BBB rating, the company received an A+ whereas, according to the 15 customer reviews, it received 4.56 out of 5 starts.This means that the customer service offered to satisfy the clients.

Moreover, this insurance company has met the standards recommended by the BBB. This makes it the ideal company you should consider to cover your health needs. Moreover, it’s committed to handling any customer complaints amicably. This means that this insurance firm can be trusted




3) USHealth Advisors salary

USHealth provides the best, not only in terms of services and covers, but also the salary awarded to the employees. On the average, a USHealth advisor gets about $74,464 annually. This is for the licensed agents, whereas the business owners get about $200,000 in a year. However, depending on the jurisdiction, this salary may differ. https://www.linkedin.com/company/ushealth-advisors

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