Wengie: 10 Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life

If you’ve never heard of Wengie you need to go check her out right now. She has a super bubbly personality that is hard to not get addicted to watching. She is always trying to find hacks to make her life, and our lives, easier. Below is a list of some of her “10 Simple Life Hacks That Will Change Your Life”.


#10: The Straw Chip Clip

This chip clip hack is actually pretty great. I have used it myself and love it. All you need is two large straws. Cut one straw all the way along one side so it has a slit all the way down the side. Take the uncut straw and wrap the chip bag around it and then slide the cut straw over that to create a great airtight seal!


#4: The Nonslip Slipper Hack

This hack is for slippers or flipflops you wear around the house that either lost their grip or have none to begin with. Simply use a hot glue gun to make lines or a zig-zag pattern on the bottom of the slipper to create a great grip that will save you from slipping in the future. Make sure the glue is dry before walking around the house so you don’t accidentally make a mess.


#2: The Headphone/Bread Tag Hack

If your headphone cord gets all tangled up every time you put them in your pocket or in a bag, you should definitely try this hack! You know that fun colored tag that comes on your loaf of bread? Well, don’t throw the next one you get away. After you’ve finished untangling your headphones, wrap them around a few of your fingers. Once you’ve done that, take the bread tag and place it on your headphone cord to keep them neat and tangle free for the next time you need them.


If you want to see the rest of her hacks, feel free to check them out here:



I hope you liked these life hacks as much as I did. Don’t forget to check out her other life hack videos while you’re on her page.

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