Tammy Mazzocco Shows an Encouraging Business Lifestyle by Her Actions

Tammy Mazzocco has developed an interesting pattern of how she conducts her real estate business. She is very successful in the Central Ohio community orf Pickerington. She is a residential real estate agent working with RE/MAX, and she thoroughly enjoys her work. To know more about Tammy visits her About.me page.

Tammy gets a big kick out of helping families find their dream homes as the way she sees it most families are just a little bit, if not a lot, vulnerable. First of all, they are usually moving into a strange area, and for most of them, they are making the biggest financial commitment of their entire lives.

So Tammy is a good listener, but she is also a good source of information and facts about the areas where real estate is being sold. Pickerington is a small town with a population of around 20,000 people, but the four counties surrounding the town hold nearly another 1.9 million people. This is a fertile field for a real estate salesperson. Many people are looking to escape to a more country setting, and that is where Tammy comes in.

Tammy is all about work and spends much of her time out showing homes to new prospects. She knows that if she is not spending her time there, she is not in the real estate business because people have to see what is there to buy. Prospects that are willing to spend all of that time are serious about buying a home, and she gets to know her prospective clients very well.

When asked by others what makes her tick she responds that the setting of goals keeps her on track and moving. She set goals on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis, and then breaks them down so that they are more easily accomplished. She says that the best advice anyone ever gave her was not to take her too seriously and to never fear failure, as it is just a fleeting moment in time and must be gotten through to reach success.

Tammy treats the time and investment of her clients just as she would her own and doesn’t back off of that. She claims that when her clients see her sincerity in those areas they understand, and it makes them more anxious to do business with her. She makes no bones about it that she is there to transact business and find her clients the best home in the area for their needs. It works because it is true. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

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