Talkspace: Talking Matters

It is amazing what can be solved and what can happen when people talk to one another or even better: talk to a therapist. On paper, it sounds great and it sounds like exactly what they need to get better. As with most things in life, things that sound great on paper are not always easy to execute in real life. One company is changing that and they are making things easier: the company is Talkspace, which is an incredibly popular app for therapy that can happen over text, the telephone, or even video. It is all what suits the needs of the client.

That is something that is really lacking in today’s mental health world. Too often, people are not there for one another and they are left out to dry. They are not getting the help they need because a therapist’s office is charging them way too much money. If they are mentally ill, there is a good chance they are not working at the moment and unable to hold down a job. That is not true of everyone, but in severe cases, they just stay in their bedroom and keep to themselves, as it is too much to face the world.

However, they feel safer and more comfortable online. Talkspace allows someone to text a therapist. They will get a detailed text in response as well. They are not just going to get a one-word answer and that is it. These are people that truly care and they show it all of the time. People walk away feeling better and they can start to regain their life again. They felt like they had lost it, but Talkspace is showing them they can be their old selves again and feel great all of the time and not just some of the time.

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