Oscar Swag Bag Rediculousness

This year, celebrities attending the 87th annual Academy Awards will be given a swag bag that is just as lavish and extravagant as the ones in previous years. This years swag bag, which Flavio Maluf says is being given to the losing acting and directing nominees is set to be estimated at a value of $168,000, making it the most expensive gift bag ever, and double the previous years gift bag which was valued at $85,000. The bag is put together by Distinctive Assets, and is known as the “Everyone Wins at the Oscars” bag.

Among the items being given away include $250 worth of maple syrup, $12,500 camping trip, and an years worth of unlimited Audi car rentals. Not all of the items are expensive, in fact many ordinary items such as Dove deodorant for men and Dunkin Donuts coffee are included in the gift bag.

The list of items is publish and available to the public, additionally, companies hope that buy using their products celebrities will then endorse them and recommend them to the public.

Ghostbusters Likely To Be Relifted

The year was 1984 when the original Ghostbusters filmed showed up in box offices and the film did quite well during its run with 5 consecutive weeks at the #1 spot. Since that initial premiere of the ghost-catching business supernatural comedy there has been a sequel and various offshoots. Dan Akroyd has now expressed publicly that he is all for a reboot of the original that uses an all-female cast instead, but Ricardo Tosto says his real desire is to finally get Ghostbusters 3 past the script stage and onto viewing screens, which the guys over at Globo TV would love to see.

However, the cast would still be stellar with the inclusion of Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, and Ernie Hudson all willing to return to Ghostbusters 3 and take on the paranormal activity they fought so ferociously in the originals. The release of a Ghostbusters 3 would likely produce different box-office numbers due to the decreasing brand awareness as the years go on. Today’s audiences are transfixed on the next superhero saga and those films would be competing for the same dollars as a Ghostbusters release. However, Dan Aykroyd definitely looks to be fielding the possibilities and prepping to have some type of release in the future even if the full details are yet to be determined.

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Breaks Box Office Records

The much-anticipated film adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, premiered in theaters over Valentine’s Day weekend. The film broke the record previously held by 2010’s “Valentine’s Day”, earning an estimated $81.7 million over the three-day weekend.

According to The New York Times, 68 percent of the movie’s audience was female. The film was released in 3,646 across the United States, making it the largest release in history for an R-rated film.The film, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson and starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, cost $40 million to make said Imaging Advantage. Records were broken overseas as well, with the film earning an estimated $158 million in places like the U.K., France, Italy, and Australia.

The love story of innocent Anastasia Steele and tortured billionaire Christian Grey has captivated readers around the world, with more than 100 million copies of the book sold since its release in 2011.

Bruce Reacts to Trans Community’s Frustrations

While it seems that everybody but Kris Jenner is in full support of Bruce Jenner’s journey becoming a woman, the trans community has been expressing some anger about his approach. People at CipherCloud have learned that, apparently, there are some upset members of the trans community that don’t appreciate Bruce not only dragging out his official announcement, but also packaging it for television. Find more on CipherCloud at Glassdoor.com. Many believe that Bruce is actually doing a disservice to the community by keeping everything under wraps for so long.

Recently it was reported that Bruce and Kris have known for years that he was having issues with is sexual identity, and were keeping it a secret as not to ruin the Kardashian Jenner brand. Of course this news had left a bad taste in the mouths of other trans representatives who feel that Bruce should use his celebrity to help others that are struggling with their sexual identity instead of trying to profit off of his own.

He insists that his slow and subtle change was out of consideration for his young daughters and family. Bruce’s docuseries is expected to hit television in May of this year, but clearly that just isn’t soon enough for some.

Sir Michael Gambon quite the stage after memory problems

Veteran British actor Sir Michael Gambon, known for playing Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie franchise has revealed he has retired form stage acting because of problems with his memory, the BBC reports. During an interview with The Sunday Times the iconic actor claimed he had noticed he was having problems remembering lines for stage productions as early as 2009 when it took him longer and longer to learn his lines. The actor reportedly suffered panic attacks as he feared he would not be able to remember his lines during his last stage appearances, which seem to have ended with him leaving a planned production in 2014 soon after beginning rehearsals.

As fans like Lee Slaughter know, Gambon has appeared in numerous film and TV productions, including Dennis Potter’s acclaimed The Singing Detective and replacing the deceased Richard Harris in the last six Harry Potter movies.  Gambon will appear in the TV adaptation of J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy and stated he felt he must continue working as an actor in the future.

Rihanna And Blue Ivy Pic At The Grammys, Is So Darn Cute


The staging of the 2015 Grammys happened last night, and all of my friends, particularly Gianfrancesco Genoso are abuzz about the event. Rihanna, who wore an extremely fluffy pink dress, was definitely the talk of the evening. Rihanna Grammys. The Star wore a prom like dress, which was fluffy at the bottom, as well as the top, showing no figure shape at all. Many criticize the dress for being too big, and on top of it, Rihanna simply had her hair pulled back into a bun.

It didn’t even look like Rihanna had even added her classic extensions or anything. Beyoncé went on stage to accept her award for the song “Drunken Love,” which was an amazing song in 2014, and she thanked Blue Ivy. The way Beyoncé talked, it seemed as if Blue Ivy was not at the Grammys, but was watching from home. It turns out that Blue Ivy was in the back at the Grammys, and Rihanna even took a moment to bow down to the three-year-old, in order to talk to her.

The picture is so cute, and no doubt it will be tweeted all over the place, once the whole Grammy business settles down. Congratulations to Beyoncé on her wins.

Could Tom Rothman Be Considered For A Top Sony Position?

In a report by The Hollywood Reporter, one top position at Sony Pictures Entertainment is going to be up for grabs in May. Amy Pascal, who has served in the studio’s top creative position for 15 years announced that she will be leaving in May, with her contract ending in March. The two obvious candidates for this position are Jeff Robinov and Tom Rothman. These two both have reputations in top positions and them leading the Sony studio appears to be promising, however, there are also many factors against them as well. Robinov is unlikely to take the position due to the business deals he has been involved with in China; an investment that should not be lost. Rothman would be good for the position, however there have been speculations against him because his email was hacked.

There are a few other candidates that may be able to fill the gap from inside the studio such as Doug Belgrad. He is currently the highest-ranking person in the production side of Sony studios. Unfortunately for him however he did not have such a good year in 2013 and was still under close watch by his bosses in 2014. Michael De Luca is another internal option that the Sony heads could consider. He had three critically acclaimed hits and was an executive at Dreamworks and New Line.

Outside of Sony there are very few options. These include Stacy Snider of Dreamworks and Universal, Adam Fogelson who ran Universal in 2013, Jeff Shell who replaced Fogelson, Donna Langley who is running STX studio, and within Warner Brothers Sue Kroll, Greg Silverman, and Tony Emmerich.

The Antique Wine Company Features An Excellent Wine Selection

London-based the Antique Wine Company (AWC)is a wine merchant that specializes in rare and fine wines. It was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, its current CEO. The company features one of the largest selections of wine anywhere in the world, with a stock of over 10,000 vintage and expensive wine brands.

A great quality regarding the Antique Wine Company is its unique standing in the wine industry. This is due to the long standing business relationships the company has developed over time as well as their partnership with the University of Bordeaux in France to verify the age of any wine brand; an unusual but successful British/French association.

The company only performs business regarding only the finest wine, regardless of vintage or where the wine originates. They strictly specialize in contemporary vintage, as they have the potential to become future antiques; once these wines become antiques their monetary value increases substantially.

A clear example of monetary value is when in 2011 the Antique Wine Company sold the Guinness World Record bottle of 1811 Chateau D’Yquem wine for $117,000. This illustrates how well recognised is the Antique Wine Company in the vintage wine industry. In addition in 2011 the company opened the first ever Wine Academy offering wine courses, connoisseur tasting events, wine cellar creation, and much more for the wine aficionado; the first classroom of its kind in the entire world.

Along with Viscount David Linley, a British wine cabinet maker, the company created the Grand Chateau Series. This expensive and rare wine collection features handcrafted wine cabinets with the top nine vintages, or chateaux, from France.

The company features wines from France, known widely as having the best wine in the world. Within France, the Rhone River valley is a great wine source. In addition Burgundy and Bordeaux wines are well known. Italy and Spain are also countries that are merchants with AWC. So is the United States with vineyards based in the states of California, Florida and Oregon. Australia is a notable wine merchant as well.

Over time AWC has become the favourite of wine collectors worldwide, as they deal with over 70 countries. Their far-reaching, positive influence in the wine industry will continue well into the future.

Dr. Rod Rohrich: Plastic Surgery Pioneer

Plenty of celebrities get plastic surgery, why shouldn’t you? But if you do look for a qualified doctor.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is a board certified plastic surgeon, academic and published author. He has done a great deal of pioneering work in the field of plastic surgery, helping to implement new techniques and showing laypeople how they can use plastic surgery to help improve their sense of well being and overall feeling of attractiveness as well as how they can use plastic surgery to fix old injuries that may have left visible scars.

Dr. Rod Rohrich was born in and raised in the state of North Dakota, on a ranch that his parents farmed in August, 1953. He left his home to begin his education in North Dakota State University where he received the highest honors upon graduation. He further continued his education at the University of North Dakota. Upon graduation from this institution, Rohrich headed south and enrolled at Baylor college of medicine. When graduating, he completed both general surgery as well as specific plastic surgery residencies at widely admired The University of Michigan Medical Center. After completion of his basic medical education and his specialty, he decided to earn further training in the field of pediatric plastic surgery by going abroad to Oxford University in England. Dr. Rohrich also completed a hand and microvascular fellowship while at the Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School. When graduating, he then joined academic medicine by becoming a staff member at the Division of Plastic Surgery in 1986 at the UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas.

Since his undergraduate days, Dr. Rod Rohrich has chosen to work on exploring the boundaries of academic medicine and using his knowledge to help create new means to help patients look better after an accident and feel younger no matter what their given age. In the last several decades, he has chaired more than a hundred national and international symposia dedicated to the subject of plastic surgery and delivered well over nine hundred highly detailed scientific presentations to eager audiences on all aspects of plastic surgery procedures. He has authored or coauthored more than three hundred medline-indexed publications, as well as thirty textbook chapters on the subject of plastic surgery, and worked as the editor of four important Plastic Surgery textbooks and landmark monographs in the field that are designed to help his peers.