Batman V Superman Rumor

Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is not set for release until March 25, 2016, but rumors about the film persist offline and online as fans scrape to get as much news about the film’s plot as possible — especially since this film may help make or break the development of the DC Cinematic Universe and the DC Movie Universe.

In a recent rumor, the fight between Batman and Superman will supposedly start because of interference by Lex Luthor who sends Superman to Batman after the end of Man of Steel. Luthor might also simply say something about Batman that pushes Superman to go to Gotham. The rumor further suggests that a furious Superman immediately attacks Batman by destroying the Batmobile with one hit. Little is known about what Lex Luthor might say to Superman to convince him to harm the Dark Knight, but fans of the DC Comics know that the two men are destined to eventually work together and create The Justice League according to CNN iReport.

Other rumors currently being shared like wildfire around the Internet and offline include one in which Superman, eager to prove himself to the public, attacks Batman because the public considers Batman to be a menace that needs to be stopped by a hero like Superman. Another rumor is that the new version of Batman played by Ben Affleck will be much darker and scarier than previous onscreen incarnations.

Jennifer Lawrence Leaving X-Men Franchise After X-Men: Apocalypse

During an interview with MTV News, actress Jennifer Lawrence confirmed that she will be leaving the X-Men franchise soon. The next film due out in the franchise is X-Men: Apocalypse, which 24-year-old Jennifer told MTV News will be her last X-Men film.

Jennifer has played the shape-shifting mutant character Raven Darkholm/Mystique since first starring in 2011’s X-Men: First Class. In the first three X-Men films, Rebecca Romijn starred as Raven Darkholm/Mystique. Jennifer took over the role as the younger Mystique since X-Men: First Class takes place in an earlier time line.  The fate of Mystique remains a mysterious but audiences will find out after X-Men: Apocalypse is out. Fans like Zeca Oliveira know that the film will be in theaters on May 27, 2016 so unfortunately we will all have to wait another year to find out what the apocalypse holds for the mutant x-men.

Rumors are that Gambit may be getting his own spin-off films while there may be another Wolverine film in the works.

Liza Minnelli is in Rehab

Celebrity gossip site, is reporting that actress and legendary singer Liza Minnelli has checked herself into rehab several days ago in order to get help for a substance abuse problem. It is rumored that Liza checked into the rehab in order to dry out from alcohol, which is her main issue.

A rep for Liza has said that she is doing well with treatment. This is not Liza’s first time around in rehab, however. She has been to rehab multiple times for her addictions, the most recent being in 2004. Sources say that Liza was offered nearly a half of a million dollars to appear on the reality show Celebrity Rehab in 2010.

Many know that Liza is the daughter of famous stage and film actress Judy Garland who is most known for her iconic role as Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz. Fans like Ricardo Guimaraes BMG ( know that her mother also battled addictions throughout her life and sadly passed away from an overdose of barbiturates in 1969 when she was only 47-years-old.

BBC’s Jeremy Clarkson Suspended

BBC star Jeremy Clarkson of the hit show “Top Gear” is in trouble again, and this time it doesn’t sound too good in his favor. Last May, Clarkson was giving a serious warning about his behavior on the screen as he was caught using a racial slur during the filming of one of his shows.
According to an article found on reddit and written by, Clarkson had hit one of his television producers last week which is why he has been suspended from the rest of Top Gear’s season this year. Even though there are only three episodes left of this season it has been confirmed by BCC that they will not be showing at least this Sunday’s episode. Even though this was a terrible thing that Clarkson did, his edgy personality is one of the reasons that Top Gear is so popular. People at Anastasia Date know that, despite all the trouble he is causing and the fact that this was his “last warning”, it is unlikely that he will be fired. Hopefully they will find a way to come to some kind of agreement before next year so that the show can go on. It really is a very entertaining and well-loved show.

Two Blomkamp Aliens’ Sequels Possible

Last week, writer and director Neill Blomkamp revealed the possibility that his sequel to the movie Aliens might actually be presented as two films rather than one.

Blomkamp, in an Empire interview, explained that he first became interested in creating the sequel after speaking with Sigourney Weaver about the first two movies on the set of his latest science fiction film Chappie. Eventually, as they discussed possible untold stories about Ellen Ripley, Blomkamp realized he had an idea that could span several movies. Fans like Flavio Pentagna Guimaraes BMG ( have learned that he has not confirmed though that he intends to actually create more than one sequel or a two-part sequel. Instead, he has merely mentioned that the potential exists.

As pointed out by Chris Agar for Screen Rant, Blomkamp’s recent science fiction film endeavors, his second and third films Elysium and Chappie, have not impressed some critics enough to create a high level of positive buzz about the Aliens sequel so far. Agar also points out that if a two-part sequel is created it would likely be as much a business move by the Powers That Be to make more money as it would be a creative opportunity for Blomkamp to have the chance to fully realize his vision for the Aliens franchise.

Ghostbusters: Four New Movies in The Works?

Rumor’s about the new Ghostbusters movie being an all female cast recently set off a controversy across the net. Many of the fans from the original movies, such as Zeca Oliveira (, were upset at the drastic change (from all male to all female) and weren’t afraid to share their opinions with the rest of the online community.

New information has been released indicating that there are actually four Ghostbusters movies in the works: The all female reboot, a Christ Pratt/Channing Tatum one, another one where the two teams cross over, and possibly a prequel.

It has also been indicated that they won’t just be “busting” ghosts, as in the original movies, but will in fact be a“catch-all umbrella for a world of supernatural FX comedies”. This gives them a wider variety of antagonist options, and if Sony keeps up the good work like they’ve done with their Marvel Franchise, then we might be seeing regularGhostbuters movie releases for years to come!

Dan Stevens to Play as Beast

Disney is working on reworking their animated films into live action. One of the films is Beauty and the Beast. Dan Stevens has been cast as Beast. Another role that has been reportedly cast is Gaston.

The most recent draft of the screenplay has been finished by Stephen Chbosky. Of course, there are going to be similarities as well as differences in the story as it compares to the original animated feature.

Brit reports the producers could go to the original story in order to bring out a new and interesting take on the characters. This seems like they are trying to adapt the animated feature into live action.

Beauty and the Beast has been adapted plenty of times for the small screen and the big screen., One of the more recent attempts at Beauty and the Beast resulted in a film called Beastly.

Other movies that could be consider for re-adaptation are The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. It would be confusing to see how they would do a live action Lion King. Part of the appeal of those movie was that they were animated.

Beauty and the Beast starts filming soon for a 2016 or 2017 release.

Producer of Birdman Tom Rothman Promoted to Chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group

Sony Pictures Entertainment is making changes in their corporate offices in the wake of the hacking scandal that leaked embarrassing emails following “The Interview” release. According to the New York Times, Amy Pascal has stepped down and former 20th Century Fox chief Tom Rothman is taking over as chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group. Pascal will remain with Sony and is planning to start a new production company overseeing the studio’s “Spider-Man” series as well as other projects.

Tom Rothman has spent over 10 years running Fox Filmed Entertainment handling such box office smashes as “Avatar” and “Titanic”. Rothman is also the founder of the art-house production company Fox Searchlight which has produced the last two Best Picture winners, “Birdman” and “12 Years a Slave”. Beyond those accomplishments Tom has garnered Fox some 150 Academy Award nominations as well as over 40 billion dollars in worldwide box office.

Michael Lynton, who is remaining chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has great faith in Tom and released a statement supporting Mr. Rothman. “Having run Fox Filmed Entertainment during a time of great successes and growth for that studio, and then producing at TriStar here at SPE (Sony Pictures Entertainment), Tom knows this business inside and out like few others do.”

Rothman thanked both Michael and Amy for supporting him since he began at TriStar and is optimistic about his future with the company. “I have had the pleasure of working closely with the exceptionally talented teams at SPE for the past year, and I am excited to build on those relationships in this new role,” Tom said shortly after hearing of his advancement.

MTV Movie Award Nominations Have Been Announced

As Marcio Alaor BMG is aware, coming up next, the MTV Movie Awards will be airing on April 12th with Amy Schumer hosting the event.

The nominees for some of the awards are:

American Sniper
The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1
The Fault in Our Stars
Guardians of the Galaxy
Gone Girl

Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay- Part 1
Scarlett Johansson, Lucy
Emma Stone, Birdman
Reese Witherspoon, Wild
Shailene Woodley, The Fault in Our Stars

Channing Tatum, Foxcatcher
Bradley Cooper, American Sniper
Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars
Chris Pratt, Guardians of the Galaxy
Miles Teller, Whiplash

Ellar Coltrane, Boyhood
Ansel Elgort, The Fault in Our Stars
David Oyelowo, Selma
Dylan O’Brien, The Maze Runner
Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl

Scarlett Johansson & Chris Evans, Captain America: The Winter Soldier
James Franco & Seth Rogen, The Interview
Andrew Garfield & Emma Stone, The Amazing Spider-Man 2
Rose Byrne & Halston Sage, Neighbors
Ansel Elgort & Shailene Woodley, The Fault in Our Stars

J.K. Simmons, Whiplash
Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl
Jillian Bell, 22 Jump Street
Peter Dinklage, X-Men: Days of Future Past
Meryl Streep, Into the Woods

To see the complete list, visit the Daily Mail link above.

Goldblum To Return For Independence Day 2

20 years after the first invasion, Independence Day 2 is set to move into the next chapter of the story with at least one of the original heroes. Jeff Goldblum has been confirmed to be reprising his role as David Levinsen. He will be joined on screen by Chris Hemsworth and Jessie Usher. The story reported here also gives some details of the continuing story from director and co-writer Roland Emmerich.

Set in real time 20 years after the original film, the human race is learning to use the captured technology of the aliens. Jaime Garcia Dias says that it is revealed that the original invasion was only the vanguard of an alien armada that is finally arriving. Unconfirmed rumors have Usher playing the grown up version of Dylan, Will Smith’s character’s step-son. Smith is unlikely to appear in the film himself and there has not yet been any explanation for the character’s absence. Other rumors have suggested that Jud Hirsch and Bill Pulman may return to their roles in the film.

Emmerich has spent the intervening years directing progressively larger blockbusters such as White House Down and 2012. Returning to a world he helped to create should be one to top them all.