Entrepreneur, Financier, and Advisor- Igor Cornelsen

Investing is not an easy task to undertake, it is very overwhelming to most people especially for the first time. However, also the investors themselves who consider themselves pioneers face different challenges when it comes to running a business as well as investing.

Whether one is investing in a commodity or foreign exchange, they need to connect with an expert for advice. Igor Cornelsen is one of the most respected Brazilian financier and investor.

Mr. Igor is a Brazilian businessman who does not invest in one type of investment as well as commodity.

He can be described as one of the most influential business advisors in the world whose work is clearly seen through his strategies. According to Igor Cornelsen; losing cash during investment is a usual thing but it can be avoided at the end of the day.

He has been advising his fellow investors as well the aspiring business people on how to invest safely because it is possible. Over the years since he began doing business; Mr. Cornelsen has managed to bring his business into safe vehicles.

Igor has been able to demonstrate how one can run a business safely, bring back huge returns and make the business run for many years.

Igor Cornelsen has a vast knowledge of how the stock market works as he had an opportunity to serve in the stock market during his early career years. Igor has also served in several financial facilities as well as banks both private and public.

Mr. Cornelsen can also be described as a futurist in the financial and the economic sector. Learn more about Igor Cornelson: https://about.me/igorcornelsen1

He has been advising his country; Brazil on the economic status, and how to invest soundly in the market. The financial advisor has gone further to advise new investors in the Brazilian stock market and his advice is that the investors should first familiarize themselves with the prominent investors in the market.

He further says that it is good to know that pioneer of the market because Brazilian economy has both private and public sectors and it is ranked number eight in the world and the largest in Southern America.

Igor Cornelsen’s advice to people is that they should invest in damaged stocks instead of damaged goods.

Learn more about Igor Cornelson: https://twitter.com/igorcornelsen and https://about.me/igorcornelsen1

A Review of the Online Advertising Success of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a marketing and advertising company. It is a global leader in digital marketing. The company was established in 2011 and is based in Florida. It was co-founded by Alexander Nygart, Gary Garth, and Andrew Lolk. Its primary focus is small and medium-sized businesses. The company is achieving rapid growth. It provides cost-effective marketing campaigns and world-class customer care.

The company uses tools that enable monitoring and analyzing of customers marketing activities. It employs offshore and local strategies to grow its portfolio. White Shark Media has quickly expanded to over 150 employees and 3 countries. It enjoys a close collaboration with internet giant Google. It has been designated a Google AdWords Premier SMB Partner since 2014. Additionally, it is also a Microsoft authorized reseller for Bing Ads.

The company hopes to leverage strategic partnerships and collaboration with industry players to maintain the growth trajectory. The company creates strong engagements with customers. It acts as a stakeholder in the clients business. The client base is diverse. It includes legal, dental, lifestyle, technology, transportation, travel, security and many more. It is committed to adapting to cutting edge technologies and innovation to leverage developing trends.

It specializes in pay-per-click advertising, mobile marketing, web development, search engine and conversion optimization and other digital marketing strategies. The company assigns several marketing professionals to handle your campaign. They help customers fine tune their digital marketing requirements and align them with their business goals. They ensure open communication with the client and proper reporting and analysis of key metrics.

The staff is bilingual and responsive. They are highly skilled and experienced. They can evaluate the success and viability of a digital marketing campaign through research and analysis. White Shark Media enables small businesses to compete on the same level with their established counterparts. The firm allows you to identify advertising platforms that deliver value.

The company’s pay-per-click model uses analytics to track e-commerce activities around various metrics. It can accurately track your competitors to enable you to minimize cost and stay ahead of the competition. The company posts a list of glowing customer testimonials and reviews on their website. The reviews give insights into the service delivery and technical prowess of the company.

You can get a free evaluation done by a digital media advisor. This gives you the chance to query your existing strategies, understand the White Shark Media advantage, and align the digital marketing strategy to focus on delivering on your business goals.

Looking Towards the Future with Eric Pulier

Innovation has always been the key to success, a philosophy that entrepreneur Eric Pulier lives by whole heartedly. In the course of his career, he has founded many different ventures, including Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh, and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, which merged into TM Forum as well as his latest startup, vAtomic Systems. The latest venture, vAtomic Systems focuses on augmented reality application as well experimental technologies. Pulier has also funded many other startups, through his knowledge and experience as a venture capitalist. This has expanded his influence in the startup world, being someone they know that can trust.

His investments in start-ups stem from Pulier’s personal beliefs about innovation and moving forward. He believes that startups are the key to evolving technology and the future and must be able to stay competitive in the market without the influence of government interference. Without the ability to effectively compete against crony capitalism ran enterprises, technology (as well as many other sectors) would stagnate and wither away.

Eric Pulier is also a big advocate for philanthropic causes. This, he believes will be the key to further developing future technology. By bringing opportunity to areas and communities that may otherwise not have the chance to learn and develop will give a new generation of technology innovators and entrepreneurs a chance to change the world on their own terms.

From early in his career, he started by developing one of the pioneer multimedia educational programs for Multiple Sclerosis patients that taught them about MS on a personal level for the Multiple Sclerosis Society. He was also named one of the top honorees for US Doctors for Africa in 2010. He has served with the Clinton Global Initiative, to bring cloud technology resources to underprivileged communities. He is also a founder of the ACE Foundation, which is software developed especially to assist in organizing the response to humanitarian challenges around the globe.

Learn More: growthhackers.com/members/ericpulier

The Brief Biography Of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, The CEO Of Bradesco, And What Big Moves He’s Made Of Recent

Brazil, home of more than 200 million people whose population is only outnumbered by four other countries around the entire world, is home to Banco Bradesco, the largest insurer in the country, as well as the second-largest financial institution that isn’t owned by government agencies. In August of 2015, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made the decision for Bradesco to move forward with the purchase of HSBC Holding’s Brazilian banks for the highly affordable – relatively speaking, that is, not in absolute terms – sum of 5.2 billion US dollars. Mr. Trabuco has set his sights on the potentially fruitful transaction for some months prior to August of 2015.

Prior to the deal moving forward after Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made his intentions clear by filing a request via formal authorization based in financial paperwork, Chairman of Banco Bradesco’s Board, Lázaro Brandão had to sign off on the deal for approval, serving as an integral cog in the bank’s system of checks and balances. Without any hesitation whatsoever, longtime Chairman and former President Brandão signed off on the $5.2 billion purchase, less than one full day after Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi had moved that necessary paperwork forward. The once-potential purchase of the more than one thousand branches of HSBC Holdings’ Brazilian operations was finalized by the international banking conglomerate’s executives in the first fiscal quarter of the following year, 2016, immediately earning Bradesco the title of Brazilian bank with the most branches, customers, and investments.

To this day, Banco Bradesco is behind only Itaú Unibanco in size and performance, although only in a handful of categories. Bradesco is larger than Unibanco in three items thanks to Mr. Trabuco’s brilliant idea to purchase HSBC’s Brazilian branches: total number of branches, the tally of individuals and businesses with current checking or savings accounts, and total dollar value of money invested, all three of which Bradesco boasts the largest values out of all banking institutions in the world’s fifth-most populated country of Brazil.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is currently the President of Bradesco, having held the position without interruption since March of 2009. Unlike most other banks, let alone any business, corporation, or organization in general, only three other people have served as the “top dog” of Banco Bradesco in its 70-odd years of operation since its foundation in 1943: founder Amador Aguiar, current Chairman of the Board Lázaro Brandão, and most recent Bradesco President Márcio Cypriano.

In the ten years preceding Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s hire as President, most recent chief executive Márcio Cypriano had overseen, pushed for, and helped finalize the purchase of ten third-party banks, among the likes of Boavista and Spanish BBVA, one for each year he spent at Bradesco. As such, Mr. Trabuco had very large proverbial shoes to fill starting early on during his post as President of Banco Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has undoubtedly exceeded the performance of any Bradesco executive before him, his accomplishments pinnacled by the aforementioned purchase of HSBC Holdings just two years ago. Something even further impressive about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is his career beginning from humble roots, unlike a vast majority of other high-ranking, top-dollar executives.

Mr. Trabuco was born in Marília, Brazil, to a working-class family. When he was a teenager, he went to the University of Sâo Paulo and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy. Despite a bachelor’s degree being worth far more than it is today, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi decided to earn a graduate degree in sociopsychology at the School of Sociology and Politics of Sâo Paulo. He then returned to Marília and worked for two years, starting in 1969, the initiation of his 48-year career at Banco Bradesco.

Visit istoe.com.br for more information about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi.

Spreading Out The Reviews

Fabletics is a leader in women’s active-wear products, and there are quite a few reasons for this. First and foremost would be name recognition, with the name in question being Kate Hudson. The famous actress turned her attention 4 years ago to retail and founded Just Fab which sells the products. Name recognition helped get the ball rolling, but smart advertising, quality products and the “power of the crowd” kept it going. After just 4 short years at the helm, she has helped Just Fab grow into a $450 million dollar per year enterprise.


Now, we all know of the different advertising and marketing tactics that work. We also know that a quality product will bring with it word of mouth advertising. The cheapest and most effective type of advertising there is. But with online sales of just about everything these days poised to take over the brick and mortar sales in terms of dollars,

word of mouth advertising has been taken to a new level. It is now referred to as The Power Of the Crowd, and it comes by way of online reviews. At first glance, the term “online reviews” can conjure up opinions that are not very favorable. But upon further “review”, a new picture starts to emerge.


Standard operating procedure when it comes to product and company reviews used to mean that a review section of a company website was put in place so people visiting the site could read what other people said. This was in the old days when there wasn’t much moderation of reviews, so everything went. From the good, to the bad to the indifferent and all in the order in which they were posted. But this isn’t your fathers internet. Online reviews have become very streamlined and sophisticated.


First of all, they are moderated more heavily on-site to where the positive reviews will take center stage, with the negative or neutral reviews back in stage left. No company wants to put up good reviews only because it does not paint a realistic picture of the company or what it sells. Somebody, somewhere is not going to like Fabletics for whatever reason. The law of averages pretty much dictates that fact.


This is called “leveraging” the power of the crowd on-site. It could also be called “micro-leveraging”.This same leveraging tactic is also used on sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and various Facebook pages where reviews are carefully and tactfully placed When the reviews are spread out to more sites though, the tactic becomes broader in scope . They are leveraging where the reviews are seen, and this could be called “macro-leveraging”. Whatever terms you want to assign to the actions though, the result is clear. It works wonders in helping a good business get better and substantially grow their sales.

Susan McGalla: Inspiring Women in the Business World

It is a well known, albeit unfortunate, fact that women continue to struggle to reach the same executive-level positions as their male counterparts. Regardless of their education and experience levels, and despite progressive efforts, women still find themselves limited by the “glass ceiling” of male politics that seems as firmly rooted as ever.

However, there are women like Susan McGalla that break through the barriers and prove that not all feminine efforts are made in vain. Despite all obstacles, McGalla rose through the male-dominated executive ranks at American Eagle Outfitters, ultimately becaoming President and Chief Marketing Officer, or CMO, of the entire company. After leaving American Eagle, she was appointed to the Board of Directors at HFF Inc, then Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of Wet Seal Inc in January 2011. After her departure from Wet Seal, she founded P3 Executive Consulting and is currently Vice President of Business Strategy and Creative Development for the Pittsburgh Steelers. She passionate about giving women the tools to get ahead in the business world, and has spoken her views and advice to many different audiences.

Growing up in Liverpool, OH, in a household with two older brothers and a football coach father, McGalla has grown up learning to be tough and not expect any breaks because she’s a girl. She was taught to see her gender as neither an advantage or a hinderance, and the importance of quality work no matter what the situation. Accordingly, she has learned to excel when working with both men and women, and has never allowed her sex to factor into her career goals. She earned her BA from Mount Union College, and jumped into business right after graduation.

After many years of hard work and being flexible in any given situation, McGalla is fulling enjoying working for herself and controlling her own career.

Troy McQuagge: A Leader, A Financialist, A CEO Extraordinaire

Troy McQuagge is an extremely well-known name in the financial world. He is the current CEO to one of the biggest health insurance names in the country, USHEALTH Group. His experience and dedication to the company have been remarkable, which is why he is considered to be such a benevolent person to the health insurance sector. With an entrepreneurial spirit and head in the game, he has led USHEALTH Group towards a fruitful destination of success.


Troy McQuagge was originally from Florida, but now currently resides in Texas, which is the where the headquarters of the health insurance giant is located. However, owing to his job, he has to travel to different parts of the country to make sure that everything is in order in all of the USHEALTH offices. His incredible amount of experience in the field has helped him immensely when it comes to the company. He knows exactly what the company needs in order to succeed, and therefore knows that should be enforced. He is known to be an incredibly dynamic person who believes in motivating others to put their best foot forward and achieve their goals. He knows how competitive the health insurance market can be, and therefore tries to always stay up to date with the latest trends to be ahead of the competition. His employees refer to him as a brilliant visionary with his head in the business. They company has seen a remarkable improvement in their profits, and most of this is because of the new policies that Troy McQuagge has put into place.


When it came to USHEALTH Group, he used his business and corporate knowledge and found new ways in which the company could boost their sales and appeal to a larger audience. He took over as the chief executive officer of the company in 2010 and has been serving in this position ever since. He knew what the job would entail when he took on the position and thought that he would be able to make a considerable difference to the company. His job was to take on the brilliant legacy that USHEALTH Group had built over the years and make sure that the company only sees a positive progression here on.


Because of his incredible contribution to the company, Troy McQuagge was awarded the prestigious CEO World Awards. The award was given to him by Planet One Awards, an organization that aims to award those who have had a significant impact on their respective professional fields. The awards ceremony is held annually and has awarded some of the biggest names in the past. Winning this award was a big step not just for Troy McQuagge but USHEALTH Group as well. The world was soon noticing how much growth they had seen, as a result of their efforts.


When it was time for him to receive the award, Troy McQuagge took the stage and in the most humble fashion accepted the award. In his acceptance speech, he went on to say that the award was not just for him, but for everyone at USHEALTH Group who has worked hard to reach where they are today. He spoke of the award as a testament to the commitment to excellence that USHEALTH Group has, and the innovation that they have been bringing along.


Troy McQuagge is a graduate of the University of Central Florida. He attained a BA in Legal Studies while he was there. He has always been a goal oriented person who wanted to climb up in his professional life and someday be at the top of his industry. Soon after graduating from college, he obtained a job at a company known as Allstate Insurance. He then quickly switched over to United Insurance Companies after spending almost two years at the former. Very early on in his career, he would take up leadership roles at his firm’s, getting the trust of the higher ups who also had high expectations for him. His goal was always to surpass those expectations and show them that he could do much more than what they expected him to. These qualities stand evidence to the fact that Troy McQuagge has always been a born leader who knew that he could do anything if he put his mind to it. During these initial phases in the insurance industry, he would also set excellent sales records, and exceed them every year, which was his way of measuring his professional growth. When the United Insurance Companies (UICI) was bought over and changed to a private firm, he new owners decided to retain Troy McQuagge because of his incredible skill and the impact that he was already having on the company. Soon after, he rose to the position of President of UICI. He brought on new changes to the way things worked at the company, which resulted in them in seeing some of their most profitable years.


Troy McQuagge is someone who is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the financial and insurance sector, having spent his entire career in it. Having worked right from the beginning in it, he knows the ups and downs at every level of the company, and as the leader could implement ways to improve it. Troy McQuagge has managed to do that in every aspect of his career, at with every company that he has worked with, which is why he is seen as such a big asset everywhere he goes. https://twitter.com/troymcquagge?lang=en

USHEALTH Group: Affordable and Reliable Insurance

The insurance industry in the United States is one of the biggest businesses in the world today. Corporations focusing on being an insurance provider frequently land the top 100 list of the most successful companies in America. These financial institutions are shaping the face of the planet, and they are growing rapidly. A lot of insurance types are being provided by these companies, but the most sought after insurance type is health insurance. One of the most trusted companies when it comes to health insurance policies is the USHEALTH Group, Inc. They are considered to be one of the largest insurance companies in America today, and the company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas. USHEALTH Group, Inc. offers a variety of insurance policies for people coming from all walks of life. They have been operating for several years now, and the number of customers that bought plans from them amounts to more than 15 million people. These people have billions worth of insurance and these insurance plans range for 50 years, at least.

The products being sold by the USHEALTH Group, Inc. ranges from specified disease insurance to accident coverage plans, and their customer have the freedom to customize what kind of insurance policy they wanted to get. USHEALTH Group believes that everyone should get their own insurance, so they decided to make their products available to everyone by offering great deals on insurance plans or letting the customers decide for themselves. No matter how much budget their customers have, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has a plan that would suit their needs. What is important to the company is the assurance that they will be giving their customers.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. employs professional health workers who are dedicated and passionate in providing products and services to their customers. They have been acclaimed for their excellent customer service, and their customers keep on coming back to avail their insurance plans. Customers who have been transacting with the USHEALTH Group, Inc. would also recommend the company to their friends and relatives, adding more customers to their portfolio. The USHEALTH Group has been true to their promise that the insurance policies that they offer are affordable and reliable, and it is one of the reasons why they are enjoying high trust ratings from their customers.

The USHEALTH Group, Inc. stated that they will keep on thinking about new policies that will benefit their customers. They wanted to thank everyone who has been loyal to them since they started the business. The company is looking forward to give every Americans the insurance policy that they deserve, and the USHEALTH Group, Inc. is also planning to expand their services overseas in order for them to provide quality, affordable, and reliable insurance policies to everyone around the world. https://www.linkedin.com/company/us-health-group

Matthew Autterson: A Down to Earth Individual

He is skilled in Wealth Management, Consulting, and Private Wealth Management. He has a working experience of 25 years in the Financial Services Industry and has sat as president in many fora.,

Matthew Auterson began his career in Trust Corporation, a branch of Fiserv. He then moved to Colorado and worked in a new state Chartered Trust Company. He grew steadily in his career and 1986 he became president of Resources Trust Company.

Matthew graduated with a B.A in finance in 1980. He then enrolled at the University of Denver where he did a Tax program course.

Broad Inc later bought resources Trust Company and renamed it as SunAMerica Inc which was acquired by AIG for 18 Billion in 1998.

Fiserv re-acquired Resources Trust Company from AIG in May 2001. Resources Trust company had grown into the largest state-chartered company with a total of 20000 client base. By this time the Trust company’s value was at more than $20 billion worth of assets and $1Billion deposits. The number of employees had reached to 700.

He is a member of the Board of Directors, President and Chief Executive Officer, CNS Bioscience, Inc. It was founded in 2013 by Scott Falci. The company solely produces drugs that focus on the Neuropathic pain. It is located in Denver.

For his Philanthropic pursuits, he I s a member of Falci Adaptive Biosystems( FAB). FAB deals with producing machines meant to assist disabled persons. Matthew Autterson had the privilege to work in the topmost offices and thus his constant appointments to head organizations. He has served on the Board for Denver Zoo, and Denver Zoological Foundation FAB is located in Englewood Colorado along Clarkson Street. He also served in the Webb-Waring Foundation and as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Denver Hospice. Matthew Auterson engineered a successful drive towards raising funds for constructing a kid’s carousel at Denver’s zoo. His business connections contributed to realizing the $600000 towards the same.

Most people in his circles fondly refer to him as Matt because of his humility. He is quite approachable both to clients and employees. He is a man with a good personality. Matt is seen in events with his daughter. They attended the Baja race a rough, 1296 miles road race His team finished first within 46 hours and 22 minutes which was 4 hours ahead of his competitor Dr. McDreamy’s group.


The Osteo Relief Institute Gives Information On Arthritis And Treatments To Relieve Pain

A recent article points out that Men and women age differently. Their lifestyles and their individual D.N.A. can also play a large part in the potential for disability and arthritis. Osteoarthritis is one of the diseases or conditions that older individuals inherit later in life. This disease or condition is not set only to the older generation, it can be a condition of a younger person that suffers many injuries in their lifetime. According to a recent article in the Mooresville Tribune, and the Osteo Relief Institute, osteoarthritis is one of the leading causes of pain or disability in the U.S. It affects individuals with family history of arthritis, individuals with excess weight, excess history of injuries and age.

Osteoarthritis is one type of arthritis. It affects over fifty million adults each year. This condition can render an individual cripple if they do not practice techniques to improve their stamina and strength. Research and Technology are beginning to study ways to avoid surgery and improve overall function of individuals with arthritis. Jersey Relief Institute in Monmouth County recommends a full workup to find the cure. The institute believes people can reverse some of the issues causing strain. Exercising and building muscle around the joints will improve movement and strength. These exercises help some people reduce the pain and avoid surgery.


A good routine, according to the Osteo Relief Institue, is to stretch and strengthen joints daily. They recommend people reduce repetitive movements and increase the change in positions to hourly. The Osteo Relief Institute also recommends overweight people lose some weight to take some of the stress off of bones and joints. A good routine will cut down on chronic pain and suffering.


Medications can help with the chronic pain of osteoarthritis. Most physicians recommend that the patient try NSAIDS first (http://www.longislandosteorelief.com/). Acetaminophen or Tylenol is another recommended treatment. Arthritis is sometimes aggravated more during extreme exercise or sports. A good anti-inflammatory can take the bite out of the pain. Physical Therapy uses exercise and good posture to help increase the level of movement on has. Physical Therapy may be one of the avenues an individual takes so they can avoid surgery to repair or replace joints and knees. A good therapist will recommend strengthening exercises that avoid stress. These exercises may involve swimming and biking (Philly Purge). The Osteo Relief Institute will also provide options to treat and avoid surgery at all cost.