NuoDB Makes Databases Easier To Use In The Cloud

As more server applications are moving to the cloud, one of the big challenges is finding an effective way to use SQL databases in a cloud environment. Cloud storage can be spread across multiple servers in multiple locations and they are not always configured to work as efficiently with databases as servers located on site. That’s a problem that NuoDB sought to solve when the company was founded in 2008.

NuoDB’s elastic SQL technology uses a distributed technology which allows SQL databases to run faster the more server space is added – no matter where the servers are located. The software is also flexible, can be scaled up or down and has disaster recovery built right into the product. So unlike its competitors, NuoDB’s Cloud Database Product can be easily adapted to fit the changing needs of today’s fast-moving business environment.

NuoDB’s technology is currently used by a wide range of companies, including UAE Exchange, Alfa Systems and Kodiak.

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