Greg Secker’s Advice to Aspiring Traders

Greg Secker is a celebrated native of Norfolk, England. He graduated from the University of Nottingham with a degree in Agricultural and food sciences. Straight from grad school, Greg went to practice his trade at Thomas Cook Financial Services. It is after working for Thomas Cook did Greg start taking part in the foreign exchange market. While trading on the foreign exchange did Greg create the first real-time online platform that dealt with the trading of forex. Today this technology is known as the Virtual Trading Desk.

Greg worked for a couple more companies before he finally decided to start his trading floor from home. Greg devoted his time and energy to learning how best to trade on the forex exchange which ultimately paid off. His home-based venture soon became Learn to Trade. Learn to Trade has grown to become one of the household names when it comes to the training of aspiring traders.

Since the company’s establishment 13 years ago, learn to Trade has provided numerous training seminars and workshops for an excess of 200,000 individuals who are interested in understanding and knowing how to trade in forex. One of the successes of learning to trade has been its SmartCharts and the company’s software which have earned recognition in the forex world and are always termed as being intuitive and efficient while also being the best in the market.

According to Greg, forex trading doesn’t have to be treated as rocket science or even termed to being overwhelming as he believes a person can only succeed in trading of the forex if he/she has the right information and tools.

When it comes to advising future traders, Greg states that the most critical decision any trader is always faced with is the software a person uses to carry out trades as this may result in making profits or not. He insists that a lot of research needs to be done before settling on a particular software. Greg Secker also supports the idea of taking advantage of demo accounts as they enable you to trade without risking actual cash. This familiarizes you with a specific platform however the most important advice he has for future forex traders is to invest in seminars and workshops.

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