Goettl Air Conditioning’s Experts Lay Out Guidelines For Maintaining A Cool Home

The size of an air conditioner matters when you want a cool home, and it should neither be too big nor too small. Picking the right size air conditioner is something Goettl Air Conditioning has done for many years while serving customers in the southwest. But it doesn’t just stop there for Goettl; they want their customers to know how to run their air conditioners correctly and understand what they should do to make sure their homes can accommodate efficient air conditioners.

Goettl says one of the first things you need to do to have your air conditioner running at peak level is to thoroughly insulate your home. Areas that could absorb direct sunlight should be completely covered over with insulation to make sure the air conditioner has less work to do. Goettl also says placing the outdoor unit in a shady area also keeps it running less, and even preventing the thermostat indoors from being exposed to sunlight can also help with this. Most importantly, Goettl says customers should have technicians regularly service the air conditioner to make sure it’s less likely to break down anytime soon. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Goettl Air Conditioning was founded in the 1930s by the Goettl brothers who originally began it as an industrial HVAC servicing company. But the company became a manufacturer and residential servicing contractor and in recent years has also become a partner of the Sunny Plumber. Under the leadership of CEO Ken Goodrich, Goettl has delivered one of the highest satisfaction ratings for service, and has hired qualified certified technicians and even sponsored programs at community colleges to bring more technicians into the field. But Goettl also has given of their own time and money for philanthropy including repairing heaters and air conditioners of families who could not otherwise afford repair costs. You can visit their Facebook page

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