Fabletics Knows How Yo Stay On Top Of Fashion.

Fabletics is a fascinating online and physical based outlet devoted to the casual and wear side of fashion. The company was founded in 2013 by the well known celebrity Kate Hudson. Fabletics is fashion conscious when it comes to workout clothing as well as their collection of casual clothing. Their trendsetting styles are responsible for keeping Fabletics the king of the “active wear” clothing market. Amazon is a competitor to Fabletics; they too are a popular online clothing company that has an outstanding 20% hold on the online garment retailing market. Fabletics, however, has shown amazing growth by becoming a $250 million fashion company, and they accomplished this within only three years.


For a very long time the average consumers have been under the belief that if a garment is very expensive, then that garment must be made to the best quality standards. In today’s global manufacturing economy, the fact is that this is often not the case. It is also true that if an item is produced and marketed at a very low price, that the item is somehow not worth purchasing. These mindsets are rapidly becoming antiquated. In this mass produced world of goods, it is often better to rely upon the comments of previous buyers. Consumers will more often take interest in items that have positive comments, ratings of high value, or which otherwise have been reviewed by shoppers as being worthwhile. Shoppers will also look to purchase items that are unique, that have very distinctive and fresh designs, and to shop at outlets where the customer service representatives will actually contact the buyer to discover whether or not they are happy with their purchase.


Many physical locations for almost all manner of department stores have been disappearing or completely relocating their stock to online stores only. This is chiefly due to the increasing number of consumers who have the mindset that physical stores are only useful to inspect or try out the items that they are interested in purchasing. However, they do not buy the items in the physical stores, because they have learned that there are a plethora of alternative companies to be found online that offer the same items at a much lower cost. So, far too often, the physical store loses out on the sales. Interestingly, Fabletics has not gone through this type of sales loss, because they connect their physical stores to their online outlets. This allows them to keep track of what the customer desires online, and keep their physical outlets stocked with the same items.


Fabletics uses a special policy plan wherein the members of their online stores have their browsing data kept track of. This lets Fabletics recognize which of the items are looked at the most often. Those items are then stocked in the physical store locations to ensure that not only is the online outlet being used, but the physical store is also just as likely to be used by shoppers.

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