Fabletics and the VIP Membership

Fabletics is the type of company that women have been waiting for. It has been long in the making, but Kate Hudson is finally getting herself in place to open up as many as 100 new stores in the next five years. Many people may not have seen this coming, but anyone that has been watching the way that Kate Hudson has been growing and grooming Fabletics is not surprised. She has definitely been in a place where she has been interested in getting more people to physical stores. For the longest time it has been obvious that the product line for Fabletics has been growing. New items are posted every week in an attempt for Kate Hudson to do what is known as reverse showrooming.

She utilizes the website very effectively for showing off new garments, but it appears that her greatest interest is in adding more stores to the fabletics brand. This is what she has a strong desire to do within the next several years. She has already shown that she is able to get people to frequent the stores from over a dozen Fabletics stores that are currently in place. She has a grand desire to open more because she knows that this will bring more people to a place where they can try on the clothes and get a better feel for the VIP membership.

Kate Hudson will depend heavily on the sales people that work within the stores to describe the VIP membership plan. She knows that physical people that are in place can provide a much better sales pitch for signing up for a VIP membership than any written words on a website can do. That is why she is putting her time into promoting the upcoming stores that will soon be in place. Fabletics is a brand that started online, and online sales have grown in a tremendous way. This is a good thing for the brand that provides such an abundant number of clothing options for women. This is a very important part of the revenue stream for a Fabletics, but Kate realizes that there is a lot more out there if she opens more new stores. That is why she has put so much effort into trying to build an offline brand with Fabletics. Customers will want more, and Kate is taking every chance to give her customers more options.

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