Drew Madden’s Achievement in the Healthcare Information Technology Industry.

Drew Madden is a renowned healthcare information technology professional. Madden is an entrepreneur who primarily focuses on establishing competent workforce, dynamic company culture, and reliable customer partnership. Mr. Drew holds a degree in industrial engineering, specialized in medical systems, from the University of Iowa. He is a hero who has over ten years experience in planning, implementing and optimizing health records in hospitals. He is passionate about electronic medical reports and has collaborated with companies in implementation, troubleshooting and finding challenges of the electronic health record project.

Mr. Madden served Cerner Corporation for two years as a consultant. He later worked as a consultant at Healthia before Ingenix purchased it. He proceeded to serve Ingenix as a regional sales director responsible for consulting sales and client development. Mr. Madden later joined Nordic Consulting Partners before forming his healthcare consultancy firm. The IT entrepreneur is the former president of Nordic Consulting Partners, Inc. He was responsible for business development, recruiting and consulting operations in the company. Nordic Consulting Partners is a heroic consulting firm in the country. During his tenure at Nordic, he was able to increase the number of employees from 10 to 725 workers. Drew Madden brought in more partners to the firm, from an initial three to 150 clients, and strengthened the company’s revenue from its original $1,000,000 to $130,000,000 annually.

Drew Madden formed Evergreen Healthcare Partners from his experience on IT and consultancy. The company ensures that organizations maximize on their IT investments, improve outcomes and increase end-user satisfaction. Evergreen Healthcare Partners mainly focuses on implementation and advisory services for numerous electronic health record platforms and specialized healthcare technology. The company incorporates talent management solutions that help client partners to focus on long-term success. Evergreen greatly values customer preference and aims at empowering the team members to grow in their careers.

Drew Madden advises healthcare entrepreneurs to pay attention to five technologies that have an impact in the industry. The technologies are 3D printing, artificial intelligence, brain-computer interfaces, robotic applications to medicine, and point-of-care diagnostics. Mr. Madden advocates for replacement of outdated equipment and software with improved solutions for patients.

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