Securus Technologies Wins the Battle of Press Releases with GTL

Securus technologies have been receiving good press over the last few days over their strategic acquisitions and accreditation from BBB with an A+ rating. It was perhaps expected that an earlier press release by Global Tele Link Technologies regarding patent infringement on part of Securus technologies needed a lot of corrections. These corrections have been aptly provided by Securus in a press release of their own. The press release methodically takes apart the claims made by GTL point by point. The six point correction list points out factual mistakes and gives examples of discursion and paraphrasing throughout the press release by GTL. I think the main takeaway from this exchange is that GTL is in no position to claim damages from Securus right now and there has been no court verdict that suggests otherwise. Even if litigation is filed a verdict would only be possible after years of hearing and millions of dollars spent. I find the last correction point very interesting especially because it is supported by data. In this point, Securus argues that contrary to what is being mentioned in the GTL press release, they believe in cooperating with competitors via license agreements. It can be easily verified by the fact that Securus has already earned $60 million from such agreements. The corresponding figure for GTL is zero. Facts suggest that Securus enjoys a situation of technical superiority over GTL. They have far more approved and pending patents that their rivals. Securus have never lost any patent infringement cases in the court, winning 19 of them. On the other hand, GTL has not won any and have lost 2.As the CEO of Securus Technologies Richard A. Smith tersely points out, it is hard to find logic in GTL’s decision to take the confrontational route on this issue. I think GTL needs to rethink their strategy on this issue and would be better off if they take the path of cooperation.