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The Benefits of NuoDB Technology

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NuoDB is a SQL database for the use of cloud technology that is categorized as an NEWSQL database because it has the same qualities of SQL databases, but it also includes options to support scale-out processing with cloud-based technologies. It is a flexible and scalable database that allows clients to succeed in today’s competitive society…

High Hopes For Talos Energy Oil Company

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On May 21, 2017, the Talos begin drilling an oil well in the Mexican waters. This was the first offshore discovery oil well to be launched by another company other than Petroleos Mexicanos since 1938. In Sureste Basin off the state of Tabasco, Zama-1 oil well holds approximately 100 to 500 millions barrels of crude….

Avaaz Members Give Power to the Movement

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The Avaaz organization is unique in many ways. They are a civics organization that inspires activism on a global scale. They are not driven by one cause in particular, but rather are an organization that unites people and gives the power to individuals. They are member-funded, and do not take donations from governments or large…

Eva Moskowitz is the Force Behind Success Academy

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Well when discussing educational reforms in the American economy, Eva Moskowitz is one person who would never miss on that list. Since her formative career years, Eva has been passionate about education reforms and more so when it comes to the underprivileged students in the society. According to Eva, this includes children from families with…

Cancer Treatment Centers of America: Fighting the Front Lines Against Cancer

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Cancer Treatment Centers of America Cancer is never easy to deal with, so it is always easier when you have others around that will understand and support you. A place like Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a great place to help people and their families who are in those circumstances relax and prepare to…

Highland Capital Management Increases its Stake in Nexpoint Fund

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The Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management recently upped its stake in the Nexpoint Credit Strategies Fund. Highland Capital has looked to improve its financial position in the fund by investing in more shares. It now has over 793,000 shares which is the second most right behind another investment firm known as Morgan Stanley….

FreedomPop Is Meeting The Data Needs Of Many New Customers With Their Flexible Platform

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In a recent video interview with Kavit Majithia of Mobile World Live, President of FreedomPop, Nicholas Constantinopoulos, explained the new platform and some of the business model in detail. The free mobile data network has gained in popularity and momentum in a pretty brief time frame. This is largely due to their successful test launch…

CCMP and Services Provided by Stephen Murray

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Stephen Murray was the CEO of the CCMP Capital investment firm that specialized in equity of different buyout sectors. He was one of the top CEOs that the company saw and was a major player in the world of investment. He was able to provide his clients as well as his employees with some of…

Are You Like to Founder of Computer Sciences Corporation?

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As the founder of the Computer Sciences Corporation, Eric Pulier has made a very memorable name for himself in the world of venture capital and a powerful impact upon the startup community as well. Having founded 16+ businesses, all of which have been very successful, he has been able to sit along with the greats…

Brian Boner’s Strategic Expansion of ITEC

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Brian Bonar is the sitting CEO of ITEC, Imaging Technologies Corporation. This company is leading the way in color management software SDLC, software development life cycle. ITEC also leads the way in integration and service management for digital imaging hardware. Recently, the company did a migration from a developer/manufacturer to a marketing/services business model. This…

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