Iggy Azalea Talks About Why She Left Twitter

It’s been a week since Iggy Azalea left Twitter, and during a radio interview, she expanded on her recent comments, stating why she was no longer going to be on Twitter. Iggy had gone on vacation, and she came back to see some of the nastiest remarks about her butt, which many said had cellulite. Iggy Comments. Iggy made comments against those who tried to body shame her, but the fact is, she felt very hurt by the comments. Iggy decided once and for all, that she would close her Twitter account, and she has left, and has not returned.

When asked about why she had abandoned her account, she stated that there was too much negativity going on, and it was making her an angry person. Fans like Paul Mathieson (Marketwired.com) know that Iggy is in the middle of making her second album, and she said she would go into the studio, and she felt like punching everyone. Iggy states that she does not want her album to be angry, so she is trying to avoid the negativity, by avoiding the places with negative people. Iggy also goes on to state that, she is puzzled as to how people can be so cruel online.

Since Iggy has started avoiding Twitter, as well as other websites, where she was getting negative vibes.