BBC’s Jeremy Clarkson Suspended

BBC star Jeremy Clarkson of the hit show “Top Gear” is in trouble again, and this time it doesn’t sound too good in his favor. Last May, Clarkson was giving a serious warning about his behavior on the screen as he was caught using a racial slur during the filming of one of his shows.
According to an article found on reddit and written by, Clarkson had hit one of his television producers last week which is why he has been suspended from the rest of Top Gear’s season this year. Even though there are only three episodes left of this season it has been confirmed by BCC that they will not be showing at least this Sunday’s episode. Even though this was a terrible thing that Clarkson did, his edgy personality is one of the reasons that Top Gear is so popular. People at Anastasia Date know that, despite all the trouble he is causing and the fact that this was his “last warning”, it is unlikely that he will be fired. Hopefully they will find a way to come to some kind of agreement before next year so that the show can go on. It really is a very entertaining and well-loved show.