Crystal Hunt Has Become a Celebrity

Born February 5th, 1985, this Emmy-nominated actress first captured America’s attention at the age of seventeen as the misguided, troubled “Lizzie Spaulding” in Guiding Light, a CBS daytime series. She gained her fame through daytime dramas such as Guiding Light and One Life to Live. For her role as Lizzie, she would earn an Emmy nomination for Outstanding Younger Actress in TV Drama according to online resources. Who is this star? She is Crystal Hunt. Some of you may know her as “Dinky” in Sydney White with Amanda Bynes. This was not her only role in the world of films; she has appeared in several others, such as The Derby Stallion and 23 Blast. Some of her most recent work are Magic Mike XXL and Queens of Drama.

Magic Mike XXL was her feature film debut, bringing in female viewers from all over the world who had been eagerly anticipating its release. In Queens of Drama, she portrays herself with other actress where she attempts to produce a new series. Although she has been starring in Queens of Drama, she has also been taking part in her career as a film producer. Currently, Hunt is focusing her talents on her first executive producer credit with the film Talbot County according to her website.

However, before she was a daytime drama star, she made an appearance in an advertisement with NYSNC when she was younger, and it can still be found on her Vimeo page. This was not her first taste of stardom. Growing up in Clearwater, Florida, she participated in many pageants. Having always had a love for the spotlight, the spotlight grew to love her.  Follow her on Facebook, where she has many fans already.