Moms Look No Further, Traveling Vineyard Is The Job For You

Many mothers out there find it difficult to balance a job with family life. The rigorous structure of a 9-to-5 job can really put a wedge between a mother and her family. And to many mothers, family is the most important thing in world.

But it is also frustrating not to be able to make any money or be social in a work setting. The house can feel like a prison after a while when you can’t socialize with anybody. And it is always frustrating to leave all the money making responsibilities on one person in the household.

Many moms turn to the Internet in order to search for a way to make money with a flexible schedule. Plenty of mom’s discover online writing jobs that are incredibly difficult to do or mystery shopping jobs that make them feel incredibly uncomfortable. And there are only so many online surveys or online reviews that you can do for $2 apiece before you go mad.

If you are like the thousands of moms out there frustrated with your situation, you should look into Traveling Vineyard. Many moms across the country are finding Traveling Vineyard an incredibly convenient way to make money with a flexible schedule. It also gets moms out of the house so that they can socialize outside of their family lives. And they can do this without missing anything in their household.

Here is how it works. You sign up to be a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard. At that point, the company assigns you a local training wine guide. You can meet up with your training guide and see how they do everything before venturing off on your own. And you receive plenty of online training to help you better understand the world of wine. There are even yearly conventions that you can attend if you really want to commit.

When you feel like you’ve received enough training, it is time to start selling wines on your own. The best way to do this is to start with your friends. Invite a group of people over and host a little wine party at your house. You can even feel free to give the party a theme and you get to drink wine with your friends.

At some point during your gathering, you unleash your education on your friends. You tell them all about the wines and even expose them to wines they may not have tried. Every bottle that your friends order gets you a commission. And once you get the hang of throwing these wine parties, you can branch out to complete strangers. You can sell yourself to corporate events and even promote your wine sales with a website that Traveling Vineyard provides.

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My Life Changed For The Better, Thanks To Skout

I have always wanted to own my own business, but I never had the means to do so. I borrowed money from family members, friends, and I even talked to strangers, in order to get some funding. No matter what I did, I never had enough money to start the businesses that I really wanted to try. I was told that I should do some searching online, so I jumped online, in order to find a place that might loan me some money. I have no credit history, I’m a young lady, but I’m very ambitious.

After searching for hours, I got tired, and I decided I just wanted to have some fun online. I came across the social media network Skout, and after reading about it, I decided that I would join. People on Twitter have been talking about it for years. I put up a picture of myself on my profile, and I also listed many of my hobbies. One of the biggest things that I emphasized on my profile, was that I was an entrepreneur, and I really wanted to start a business. Someone read my profile, and I was sent a message, so I answered.

I assumed that the guy was trying to flirt with me, but he kept asking me about my business ventures. After a while, I became a bit skeptical, and I even thought that he might be trying to steal my ideas. I was shocked to find that the person was completely genuine, and he said he was looking for a business to fund, not one to steal. It turns out the guy that I was talking to, was a millionaire, and he was always looking for new business ventures.

I asked him what he was doing on Skout, and he claimed he was looking for a girlfriend. Although he came onto Skout looking for a companion, he accidentally ended up finding an entrepreneur, such as his self, and we hit it off. We began talking on the phone, and after giving him my business ideas, he decided he would take a chance on me. He allowed me to sign a reasonable contract, and after one year of working with him, I am completely independent, and I work for myself.  More similar stories are even shared on their blog section of the website.

The Antique Wine Company Features An Excellent Wine Selection

London-based the Antique Wine Company (AWC)is a wine merchant that specializes in rare and fine wines. It was founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, its current CEO. The company features one of the largest selections of wine anywhere in the world, with a stock of over 10,000 vintage and expensive wine brands.

A great quality regarding the Antique Wine Company is its unique standing in the wine industry. This is due to the long standing business relationships the company has developed over time as well as their partnership with the University of Bordeaux in France to verify the age of any wine brand; an unusual but successful British/French association.

The company only performs business regarding only the finest wine, regardless of vintage or where the wine originates. They strictly specialize in contemporary vintage, as they have the potential to become future antiques; once these wines become antiques their monetary value increases substantially.

A clear example of monetary value is when in 2011 the Antique Wine Company sold the Guinness World Record bottle of 1811 Chateau D’Yquem wine for $117,000. This illustrates how well recognised is the Antique Wine Company in the vintage wine industry. In addition in 2011 the company opened the first ever Wine Academy offering wine courses, connoisseur tasting events, wine cellar creation, and much more for the wine aficionado; the first classroom of its kind in the entire world.

Along with Viscount David Linley, a British wine cabinet maker, the company created the Grand Chateau Series. This expensive and rare wine collection features handcrafted wine cabinets with the top nine vintages, or chateaux, from France.

The company features wines from France, known widely as having the best wine in the world. Within France, the Rhone River valley is a great wine source. In addition Burgundy and Bordeaux wines are well known. Italy and Spain are also countries that are merchants with AWC. So is the United States with vineyards based in the states of California, Florida and Oregon. Australia is a notable wine merchant as well.

Over time AWC has become the favourite of wine collectors worldwide, as they deal with over 70 countries. Their far-reaching, positive influence in the wine industry will continue well into the future.