George Clooney’s Career Ruined By ‘Tomorrowland’?

George Clooney is an absolute stud, and he happens to be a great actor as well. Clooney’s most recent film is ‘Tomorrowland,’ and the movie was supposed to be a blockbuster hit. However, ‘Tomorrowland’ is becoming one of the biggest failures in movie history. As of right now, ‘Tomorrowland’ has already lost $150 million dollars.

The Aspire New Brunswick seems to feel that Disney Pictures was expecting ‘Tomorrowland’ to make a few hundred million dollars in its first opening week, but the movie only made $47 million dollars. ‘Tomorrowland’ has quickly become George Clooney’s biggest movie failure. Some movie theaters have even decided to pull the film from their lineup, but Disney is currently doing everything they can to save ‘Tomorrowland.’

Screenrant recently published an article with much more information about this story, but it’s quite clear that ‘Tomorrowland’ will not reach the level of profit that Disney had anticipated. Nonetheless, I’m sure that the billion-dollar film studio will bounce back from this tragic failure. However, another movie debacle such as ‘Tomorrowland’ could prove to be the end for the film company.

Some people are wondering if ‘Tomorrowland’ will hurt George Clooney’s career. While that is a real concern, I’m not so sure that anything could hurt George Clooney at this point in his life. George Clooney is already a hall of fame actor, and he is one of the best looking men of all time. George Clooney could retire right now, and fans wouldn’t even mention ‘Tomorrowland.’