What Makes Going to the Movies so Expensive?

When a new movie comes out, many people jump at the chance to get to the local theater and catch it before it’s released on DVD. They go to the theater and spend a small fortune on the tickets, snacks and drinks just to be able to sit in a crowded room filled with screaming fans while a movie is taking place. Many people are finding that going to the movies is just too expensive for their budget. When it comes down to it, a lot of people wonder why the movies really are as expensive as they are. The truth lies in both the price of tickets and the snack bar itself.

The price of tickets is constantly going up because of the price of actually making movies. LinkedIn.com reported the producers and movie makers themselves need to be able to make their money back on the movie created and because of this, the price of tickets is quite expensive for most people. The other most expensive thing in the local theater would be the high price of snacks and drinks. Snacks and drinks are incredibly expensive, and most theaters do this because this is actually where they are making the most of their money. Ticket prices often go directly to the movie makers themselves and so the theater is left double or triple charging their snack and drink prices in order to make up for it.