Trouble In Springfield

There is trouble brewing in Springfield. According to new reports, it appears that “The Simpsons” season premiere this September will open with long time couple and favorite cartoon couple Marge and Homer legally separating. This news comes after writers for The Simpsons announced that in an upcoming episode, Side Show Bob will get his revenge and finally kill Bart Simpson. While the latter is most likely a part of the “Tree House of Horrors” Halloween episode, the news has fans wondering what the fate of Marge and Homer will be. According to Kevin Seawright, the episode will deal with the fact that Homer has narcolepsy which puts a strain on the marriage. After Marge and Homer separate, Homer will begin to see his pharmacist, who will be voiced by Lena Dunham and feature cameos from other members of the “Girls” cast. There is no word yet on how long the separation will last, but most fans of the show are hoping this will be an issue resolved by the end of the episode, as most issues in “The Simpsons” world are.