Jack Huston Drops Out of The Crow

The Crow is turning out to be one of the roughest projects to complete. Susan McGalla said it has gone through a ton of directors and actors in its attempt to get going as reported by PR Newswire. It is hard to tell what it is that is causing all of these hurdles for this upcoming Crow reboot.

Jack Huston dropped out due to conflicts in his schedule. However, much of the other cast is still available for the project. As a matter of fact, many of the roles are being cast. One thing that is not a concern is the director. It looks like this director is here to say due to Relativity’s backing of his vision. Other directors had to fall out due to creative differences. Even with Jack Huston out of the cast, it does seem like everything is in place for this film to work well. From what it sounds like, it will be well worth the wait.