Possible Title For Spider-Man Movie Reboot

As you may or may not know, Sony Pictures own the movie rights to Spider-Man, but has turned over the reigns of making the movies to Marvel Studios. Marvel had tried for awhile to get Sony to give them permission to use Spidey in some of their projects. One in particular was it’s upcoming movie project, “Captain America: Civil War”. Well now that Sony has given Marvel creative control over Spider-Man, they can not only use him in the Captain America movie, they are also in control of the reboot movie for the character.

Although officially the reboot doesn’t have a title yet, one that has been kind of speculated is “Spectacular Spider-Man”. However a new titled has been recently rumored and was reported by Umberto Gonzalez as the one he was told is the working title. That title is “Spider-Man: The New Avenger”. Remember this is just a rumor, but that is a pretty cool title. It also lets fans know that this Spider-Man is part of the collective Marvel cinematic universe.

Last week Marvel and Sony revealed five actors that they are considering for the role of Spidey. they are Jason Halpern (TheRealDeal), Nat Wolff, Tom Holland, Liam James, and Timothee Chalamet. But there may be a last minute contender for the role as well. The name Billy Unger, one of the stars of the Disney XD channel’s “Lab Rats” has recently been mentioned as a possibility for the role. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.