The Kabbalah Centre is a Good Place to Study Kabbalah

The Sefirot Of Kabbalah

Kabbalah believes that at the center of our lives are ten sefirot. The sefirot are what make us who we are and greatly impact our lives. They can make us happy and productive or feeling inadequate and unhappy. The sefirot are further divided into two main categories.

There are sefirot of the mind. These include the three sefirot of chochma, bina and da’at. Chochma is awareness of our thoughts and channeling our thoughts to a creative and fruitful purpose. Bina involves the action to the thoughts in chochma. It involves taking chochma and putting it into practice for our benefit. Da’at is learning and using knowledge to empower our selves. It also involves drive.

The remaining seven sefirot are categorized as sefirot of emotion. They include the sefirot of hessed, gevurah, tif’eret, netzach, hod, yesod and malchut. These sefirot cover the areas of love, compassion, empathy, restraint, discipline, communication and satisfaction.

How The Kabbalah Centre Espouses Kabbalah Study

The Kabbalah Centre is a not for profit organization that was established in 1984 by the Rabbi Philip Berg. Before the Kabbalah Centre, the study of Kabbalah was restricted to scholars and was not widely available to the majority of people. Philip Berg and his wife Karen wanted to change that. They wanted to make the study of Kabbalah more accessible to the masses. That was one of the driving forces in establishing the Kabbalah Centre in 1984.

Today the Kabbalah Centre provides people with several different ways to study Kabbalah. There are the traditional classes that are similar to a university course. Then there are study groups, where people study Kabbalah together and have discussions on the material. Online courses, that utilize technology to connect people from all over the world have also recently appeared. They follow a course format such as those found in colleges about material contained in Kabbalah.

The Kabbalah Centre offers a very practical approach to the study and interpretation of Kabbalah. Its goal is not to train masters or scholars of Kabbalah. Rather, the goal of the center is to help transform people’s lives for the better through insight gained by studying Kabbalah.

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