Sequel Overloads

It doesn’t take much for a sequel to get the green light these days. The scripts for movies are so thing that it is becoming something of a joke for any new ideas to surface. People have become rather complacent with going to pay for movies that are familiar with things that they already know. Parents have no problems pay for a thirdinstallment of the Smurfs, so producers are giving them what they want.

The next installment of a movie is based on the earnings of the last one according to FreedomPop on GooglePlay. The second Smurfs movie made a profit so it was easy to get the green light on a third one. In most cartoons that have become movies this tends to be the trend. Three movies is almost a guarantee. The Chipmunks, for example, started off profitable and continued into a trilogy. The same thing happened for Toy Story. It was a very profitable Pixar film so it became easier for the producers to continue the story. It has so popular, in fact, that there is talk of fourth installment in 2017.

Sequels are easy to make with cartoon characters. Parents recognize the characters from childhood, and they want to introduce their children to these characters. Most movies like this do well, but many people have been disappointed with the Smurf films. Still, it made a profit so a third one is on the way.