Sergio Cortes Masters The Moonwalk And Other MJ Signature Moves

To be a Michael Jackson impersonator requires one thing: dancing. Everyone isn’t going to have to smooth voice that Jackson had. Some people may not look like him at all. It is still possible to lack these things and provide a decent impersonation of Jackson. You can lack the voice and the looks, but you must have the dance moves.

Michael Jackson didn’t invent the moonwalk, but he certainly perfected it. Sergio has watched the footage, and he knows how to pull off a great moonwalk among other things.

Sergio certainly has become a force in the entertainment industry because he has been able to provide a performance that looks like Michael Jackson on stage. Some fans may call it eerie because the resemblance is so similar. There is a lot of Internet buzz about this because Sergio is bringing the magic back to the beloved MJ songs like “Thriller” and “Smooth Criminal.” There is footage of Sergio practicing online. Someone that has seen his on stage knows that he must put in hours to perfect this. It would be simpler if he had a stage to himself, but he has dancers. He goes the extra mile to have the backup dancers that like MJ had. This is impressive, but it is also an intense practice schedule. This also equates to more people that have to be paid by Sergio. He loves what he is doing though. He has managed to become a performer that is ready to take the stage and create what MJ did on stage. That is a commitment that has made him the best Michael Jackson impersonator out there.

That is what Sergio wants to do. He has the desire to take the tour around the world. Cortes is getting recognized more because he has the look and the moves of Jackson. There were lots of things that Jackson did on stage that Sergio could embed into his own performance. That is the thing that separates him from others. He runs around the stage the way that Jackson used to run around. He dances in unison with the dancers. He kicks and makes the hand gestures that Jackson used to make.

There are even times when he mimics the facial expressions of Michael Jackson. This is what fans will remember as they leave his MJ tribute shows. They will remember the hard work of Sergio Cortes.