Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Kevin Seawright Focuses on Helping the First-time Homebuyer

Kevin Seawright is a philanthropist and entrepreneur in Baltimore, Maryland. After working in Baltimore city government and a community agency in Newark, NJ, he founded RPS Solutions in 2015. RPS Solutions is a real estate agency with a specific vision in making affordable housing for those on low-income and first-time buyers.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright is acting and managing co-partner with a goal to establish more homeowners in the Baltimore area because more homeowners bring more stability to the area. To date, 48 percent are homeowners in Baltimore.

Seawright is proud to announce that RPS Solutions is making incredible progress in his vision to strengthen the affordable housing market. The achievement of individuals in purchasing their own homes promotes pride and confidence with the buyer.

Purchasing a home, it is one of the largest acquisitions in a family’s life. Home ownership offers economic benefits for the buyer and vibrant neighborhoods for the community. Home ownership contributes to eliminating the problems that come along with low-income tenant issues.

Kevin Seawright has a substantial career history in financing and the community and this has led him to create this real estate agency. Seawright attended Almeda University and graduated with an MA in Business and later attended the University of Notre Dame excelling in Executive Leadership. Most of his positions have focused on these strengths including his outstanding talents in finance and budgeting with his personal gift for leadership.

From 2001 to 2011, Seawright progressed through the Baltimore City Government managing millions of dollars in five different departments including housing. In 2011, he took the position of Vice President of Operations for The Contractors in Washington DC Metro Area where he managed and strategized $50 million dollar funds. He also managed the personnel.

His next position was at Collington Episcopal Life Care Center in 2013, and then he moved to Newark Community Economic Development Corporation or NCEDC, in Newark, NJ where he received a great experience in dealing with the community.

RPS Solutions has only been serving the Baltimore public for two years, but many residents are going to benefit from the philanthropic focus of this agency.