How Stem Cell Therapy Is Fighting Lung Disease

Stem Cell Therapy Is Finally Here

Stem cell therapy is on of the most often discussed topics in medical research.The potential for stem cells and misconceptions surrounding stem cells has attracted the interest of the public. Today, thanks to the work of the Lung Institute, the world can finally see stem cells in action. Focusing on patients with chronic lung disease, the Lung Institute is making stem cell therapy available to those desperately in need of it. So far, the results of this therapy is amazing. If things keep up, stem cell therapy may very well change medicine as we know it. describes the process of stem cell therapy itself is very simple. Stem cells are drawn from the blood of the patient and injected into the problematic area. From that point on all the doctor needs to do is observe the results over the course of a certain time period. Once the doctor is certain that the condition of the patient has improved, there is no need for anymore invasive procedures.

The Lung Institute Is Changing Everything

When the Lung Institute decided to research stem cell therapy, they had their reasons for it. The treatment options currently available to people suffering with chronic lung diseases is simply not up to the task. Patients find themselves lugging around oxygen tanks and incapable of performing even the most basic tasks for themselves. After patients receive stem cell therapy all of this changes. Patients can finally live their lives without worrying about inhalers or tanks and maintain a much more active daily routine.

The Patients Speak For Themselves

The stories of the patients who receive this stem cell treatment speak volumes for the effectiveness of the therapy. John O., one of the best examples of a Lung Institute patient, had suffered from pulmonary fibrosis for years. It was difficult for him to finish basic tasks and he needed to carry an oxygen tank everywhere he went. After his stem cell treatment everything is finally changing for John. He is now living his life without any of the shackles pulmonary fibrosis once placed on him. You can read more on

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