A Look At Some Of The USA’s Most Well Known Serial Killers

One of the most well known killers of all time in the United States was a man known as the killer clown. His name was John Wayne Gacy. It is thought that the killer clown or Gacy killed up to 33 people. All of his victims were boys and men and were believed to have been killed in Chicago. 29 different bodies were found at his home. Gacy later admitted that there were more victims which he disposed of already. The killer clown was executed for his crimes in 1994.

Another famous serial killer in the United States was a man known as Jeffrey Dahmer. It is thought that he killed 17 different people. He was planning to kill another person, who managed to escape and tell authorities about him. Dahmer not only killed his victims but he also dismembered them and later ate them. Corpses were found in his apartment that he planned on eating. Jeffrey Dahmer died in 1994 while in prison from a beating.

Ted Bundy is a famous killer who claimed that he murdered 30 people. The authorities who hunted him down have estimated that Bundy may have killed up to 100 people during his killing spree which lasted five years. Ted Bundy was executed in 1989 for his crimes by electrocution.

Perhaps the most famous killer of all time in the USA is simply known as the Zodiac Killer. His identity has never been proven and the case has never been officially solved. The Zodiac Killer was believed to have been responsible for a string of murders in Northern California before he mysteriously ceased killing victims.  He left some truly horrifying murder pictures in his wake.