Nick Vertucci – Teaching People the Tricks to Make Money from the Real Estate Business

Many factors contribute to the growth of a state, and one of the indicators is the increase in the property prices. The state of California is amongst the most populated as well as popular states of the United States, not only because it has the headquarters of some of the famous companies, but also because it is a major tourist hub of the country. The state also has some of the most famous schools and colleges as well as the beaches and parks. The median house prices in the state of California has grown by more than seventy-five percent in the last few years, and the rate continues to soar. And, the biggest problem that has come to the surface now is that the increased prices are out of the budget of most of the buyers in the state, which includes the majority of the millennials.



There are thousands of people across the state of California, including the Silicon Valley suburbs, where people are living in the Vans. It has become a common scene now as people are unable to afford huge rental prices or the property prices. The housing development board of California is not doing enough to control the real estate market and its prices. There is no system in place that can put a cap on the growing prices, which for now seems certainly out of control. However, there is still a high demand for properties in California due to the massive urban population in the state. Here again, the problem is that the housing projects under development are not even close to the demand in the market. Many of the housing projects are stalled by various groups claiming a range of disputes.



One of the most successful real estate investors in the United States, Nick Vertucci, says that the housing development authority of California needs to understand and accept that the real estate market of California has a problem. Nick Vertucci says that while all love soaring prices in the housing market, there is a particular system it needs to follow for the general interest of the public. Nick Vertucci teaches people how to make money from the real estate market through smart investments and property flipping. Nick Vertucci has over a decade of experience in the real estate business, and he is the founder of NV Real Estate Academy, where he welcomes people who wish to learn the technique he has developed to make money from the real estate business.


iFunding Provides Real Estate Investment Opportunities

Over the past five years, one of the largest changes to the private equity and venture capital industries has been the increase of crowd funding to help small businesses grow to the next level. Hundreds of new products are unveiled on an annual basis, which has helped small businesses to gain access to millions of dollars in capital needed to build prototypes or allow them to fulfill large orders. While crowd funding has normally been reserved for companies that are looking to build and sell products, it is now being used by a company to help people invest in commercial real estate.

iFunding is a commercial real estate brokerage firm that is using a crowd funding strategy to raise capital to purchase commercial real estate properties. iFunding raises capital from both individual investors, with starting investments as low as $5,000, up to institutional investors with millions to invest. Through its platform, iFunding allows investors to invest in a number of different asset types, which is ideal for anyone looking to diversify their investments.

The projects that iFunding has helped put together also range considerably. Some projects are small single-family home renovations with the intent to flip while other projects are significant multi-family community acquisitions intended to be repositioned. Many investors enjoy this opportunity as it gives them the chance to invest in real estate while not having to take on all the risk or deal with the day-to-day problems that real estate investors incur.

CrunchBase would indicate the concept of iFunding was initially developed and implemented by William Skelly, who is currently the company’s CEO. Before he started the new company, Skelley worked for an investment bank that underwrote more than $2 billion in various commercial real estate transactions while also bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in capital financing. Skelley also spent some time at Rose Park Advisors, which is a fund founded by Dr. Clayton Christensen.

Due the success and implementation of iFunding, Skelley has received a significant amount of accolades from his peers. Skelley was recently named as one of the Next Generation of Real Estate Leaders, an organization that has been running for over 15 years. Skelley will join a number of different people from some of the top real estate and private equity firms in the country.