QNet and Sharp Form A Unique Partnership In the Health and Wellness Industry

QNet and Sharp Form A Unique Partnership In the Health and Wellness Industry

In a move that is set to alter the nature of the health and wellness industry throughout India and beyond, QNet India and Sharp have joined forces to make the patented Sharp-QNET Plasma Cluster Air Purifier available nationwide. Through combining QNET’s industry leading e-commerce platform with Sharp’s logistical network, customers located almost anywhere in the region can enjoy a streamline ordering and deliver process unlike ever before.

Air Purifiers Are A Highly Sought After Product

With air pollution becoming an increasing concern throughout the subcontinent, Qnet sees great potential with their patented product. Working to clean the indoor environment and rid it of harmful pollutants is part of their commitment to a total healthy lifestyle. In recent years, QNET has worked hard to elevate the level of innovation provided in their products and services.

The Qnet Brand

Focused solely within the health and wellness sector of the economy, Qnet India is a subsidiary of a well established company based in Hong Kong. The operation in India has expanded rapidly over the course of the last decade to become one of the largest providers of health and wellness products online. Their ecommerce model ensures that direct sales opportunities are offered to customers throughout the region. This has kept costs down, but has also meant that a more comprehensive transportation network became necessary. Sharp is serving to fulfill this void by providing a more sophisticated way of handling logistics, making the product accessible to the masses.

The new air purifier will be jointly marked by both QNET and Sharp. This increases market exposure, and it maintains that focus on providing products aimed at healthy living. Customers of QNET are increasingly reliant on a product line that fits their lifestyle and health related goals. The company offer a complete line of products and services to that end.