Eric Pulier’s Advice to Young People

Successful people are often asked how they were able to achieve such great things. Eric Pulier is no different. He has risen to the top of the tech world. Therefore, it is no surprise that many people around the world would like to know how he got there. Eric is always happy to share some words of wisdom with young people who are hungry to succeed in the way that he did. This has led him to give many lectures around the United States where he tells his story and takes questions from members of the audience.


Eric is a graduate of Harvard University. However, he did not get a degree that has anything to do with computers or technology. Instead, Eric was initially interested in pursuing a career as an English literature professor. However, he soon discovered after college that this particular career choice was not right for him. He hooked up with a few people who were already heavily involved in the world of tech startups. They were nice enough to show Eric everything he needed to know in order to get a startup off the ground. He then used what he had learned in order to make his own startups like Akana and Desktone a success. Click Hereto learn more.


Eric often tells young people that there are several key factors that will determine if your startup is going to be profitable. He believes that a person’s ability to raise capital from investors is enormously important. Obviously, startups cost money. Therefore, you need to be able to make other people believe that investing in your particular startup is a wise business decision. It takes skill to be able to pitch a startup idea to venture capitalists who have things pitched to them every day. Eric also feels that hiring a good web designer is critical to your overall success. You need to be sure that your site looks good and functions properly. Obviously, having a sustainable business plan is something that you will need to have in order to keep your startup going in the months to come. Eric says that all of these things are necessary.