The Achievements and passion of the Entrepreneur, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a native of Arizona, raised in Tempe, and a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He attained this before his attainment of an MBA from the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

He is prominent for being exemplary in his duties. This comes alongside spending his whole proficient life undertaking technology for he is passionate about it. He has the belief that technology is the reason behind all the transformations taking place continually in the entire globe.

Notably, he is very engaged in philanthropy but still enhances the management of all the commitments that he has. He considers management of time as one of his high skills. It is for the same reason that he has the choice of making time for what he enjoys the most. This includes working together with SENS Foundation. The focus of the Foundation is on coming up with new solutions related to anti-aging with the cellular level being the one that’s most exciting.

Being a futurist, he finds a lot of excitement following the experience about the transformations that the Internet of Things brings to the society. It can modernize our ways of living. He is hopeful about the fact that the firm will establish an increasingly sustainable globe for enjoyment by the generations to come later.

Additionally, he is a successful entrepreneur in possession of the spirit in that line. He finds happiness in sharing his thoughts and ideas concerning technology and business with anyone interested. To know more click here.

He is a graduate in the field of business. It is after graduating that he started carrying out experiments concerning the mobile technology that resulted in the development of Jawa which is a firm working alongside mobile communications. The firm is currently parent to various other technology holdings. This is about the rest of the partnerships having heads in the tech company.

He also has a lot of interest in politics across Arizona State and throughout the nation. He acknowledges that networking is as significant as the online marketing and it is important nurturing the personal as well as professional connections always.

George Soros Impact

George Soros is the founder of Soros Fund Management Company based in New York. Politically, he is a powerful individual here on earth. Soros has reconfigured the political scenes of different countries globally due to his massive influence since the mid 1980s. In particular; Soros has played a vital role in American politics and culture in a more profound way than anybody .His influence stems from the more than $13 billion personal fortune together with the $25 billion worth of assets his firm controls. George Soros has a passionate messianic zeal and views himself as someone whose mandate is to bring transformation around the globe by turning its institutions to become better. In several instances, Soros has fancied himself as an economic reformist, as evidenced in his books such as ‘The Alchemy of Finance’ and ‘Underwriting Democracy’ on Investopedia. During an interview with The Independent, in June 1993, Soros brags about him being a creator of everything.

George Soros was born in 1930 in Budapest Hungary to Tividar and Erzebat Schwartz. In 1947, Soros family relocated to England and enrolled him at the London School of Economics (LSE).After completing his studies from LSE; George Soros secured a job at the London brokerage firm Singer and Friedlander, where he gained experience in international arbitrage. After four years, he moved to New York and worked as a stock trader on Wall Street. Later, He joined the Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Inc. as a portfolio manager.

Soros began his philanthropic work in 1979 when he launched the first of his many Open Society Foundations at his country of birth. The foundation was meant to help in building a vibrant and tolerant democracy so as to make the government accountable to its citizens. Moreover, Soros opened an office in Moscow so as to disseminate a large amount of money to different causes and groups in 1987. His spending on philanthropy increased from just $3 million to $300 Million from 1987 to 1992 alone. During this period, Soros opened several foundations covering the whole of Central Asia and Eastern Europe. In 1993, a flagship project on Forbes was opened in New York to aid in injecting capital into American groups and causes. Soros’ “Open Society” group of foundations seeks to advance standards for freedom, the rule of law, democracy, social justice, human rights and social responsibility.

Today, Open Society Foundation (OSF)’s net worth is estimated to exceed $1.9 billion on Annually, OSF gives out millions of dollars in the form of grants to groups and causes whose objective is to promote worldviews and goals that are in accordance to those of George Soros. According to Forbes, George Soros gave a promise in September 2016 that he will inject $500 million in organizations dealing with migrants and refugees, particularly those residing in Europe. He has a personal history as a refugee having fled Hungary, and that is how he found himself at the London School of Economics.

Dick DeVos; a success story

Dick DeVos is known for his many different ventures in business. It is, however, his work at Amway that put him and his career in the limelight.


He began his business ventures when he was young, but his career began in 1974 when he joined Amway Corporation. Before joining the company, Dick was a student at the Northwood University where he did his Bachelor in Business Administration. He did also attend the Harvard Business School although he didn’t graduate.


At Amway, he worked in different departments including; marketing, sale, finance, research, manufacturing, research and development. Through his different projects, he was promoted to the position of a vice president. He was charged with the responsibility of running the different company operations in all the eighteen countries. Later in 1993 he became the president of the company and served in the same position until 2002.


His family acquired the Orlando Magic in 1991 which is a basketball team. He later became the president of the company. He, however, held this position for three years. In 2005, the president of the company, Richard DeVos, his father, split the company among his different company and Dick became a part owner of the company.


After he had left the Amway Corporation, he became the president of the Windquest Group. This is a privately owned company that deals with technology and manufacturing.


In 1993, he and his wife became the co-chairs of the Education Freedom Fund which supports children from low-income families.




He has been involved in different charity works. He is the president of the Dick and Betsy Family Foundation which he has been involved in different projects.


In 2010, he opened an aviation academy in West Michigan which was the first aviation public school in the Nation.


Together with his wife Betsy DeVos he has been involved in arts funding. His foundation has been involved in supporting the Art Prize since 2009. They also committed millions to the Kennedy Center of Arts Management approximately $22.5 million. This institute offers training to art managers.


Scholarships are also another venture that he has been involved in. The Dick and Betsy Scholarship was established in 2008. This is a scholarship that supports the students in MA, MS, and MBA studying at the Thunderbird School of Global Management. The scholarships are offered to students from developing countries.




Dick DeVos was awarded the Spectrum Health Foundation Art of Giving Award in 2010 for his philanthropy work.

Adam Milstein’s Synergies with Non-Profit Organizations to Save Humanity

The world would be a better place with more men like Adam Milstein. He is the co-founder of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, a family organization focused on charity. Through his family foundation and other public charity funds, Adam offers charitable services to various Jewish organizations with the aim of strengthening their bonds. In his bid to foster love and care in different cultures, Adam capitalizes on consulting, partnership generation and funding to provide support initiatives in the Jewish education system, advocacy and policies.

Adam’s Principles on Philanthropy

Vigorous Philanthropy – Adam fully invests in the family foundation through employing skilled staff and setting aside sufficient time for strategies and expertise. In addition to financial resources in all units of the organization, Adam monitors the projects to ensure proper channels have been followed for excellent results.

Life Path Impact- Life is valuable, and that is why Adam invests in seeking funds through all stages of life with the aim of developing more relevant programs to the society. Adam generates adolescent programs for the youth while enhancing consistent communication and connection until adulthood.

Philanthropic Synergy– Through his investments and goodwill from donors, Adam offers guidance on funding to aid in the development of useful programs to the society. The partnerships and synergies with non- profit organizations share objectives.


Adam is the co-founder of the Israeli American Council, an entity focused on encouraging relationships between Israelis and the United States. In addition to being the National Chairman of the Council, Adam serves as the board member of various organizations including Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC, Israel Campus Coalition and AISH Los Angeles. Together with Gila, his wife, Adam co-founded Sifriyat Pijama B’America. It is an organization that offers free books written in Hebrew to teach Jewish values to the Jewish American families residing in the United States. Milstein is a partner at Hager Pacific Properties. He controls the company’s finances and accounts. Hager Pacific Properties focuses on acquiring, repairing and relocating individual and public properties. Through his leadership skills, Hager Pacific Properties ranks a top service deliverer in property guide.



Is Eric Pulier’s Success A Fluke?

Success can come in many different forms and places. It sometimes can be seen as serendipity by finding it accidentally. For most of us who aren’t quite that lucky, hard work is a tried and true process that yields positive results down the line. One of the most successful individuals in America isn’t necessarily a household name unlike your favorite celebrities. Many of these people are considered unsung heros as they never seem to get the credit that’s long overdue. Eric Pulier personifies this notion perfectly, but the great thing about this talented individual is that he’s not seeking fame. His success comes by actions rather than words and his impressive resume is a true testament of his success.

The guy simply has a brilliant mind and his intellect is his weapon of choice. Pulier can take a small idea and turn it into a reality by means of technology. Yes, he has a strong passion of being a techno geek and this geek has built an empire of excellence across many fields of work. He’s known as an author, public speaker, entrepreneur, businessman, investor, entrepreneur, and more. Who else has as many title as that? His high intellect has allowed him to attend to of the nation’s most prestigious colleges. Pulier took classes MIT as well as Harvard University. Having such strong ambition, he ended up being The Harvard Crimson Publication’s editor as well as one of it’s column writer. In 1988 he graduated from Harvard and by 1991 he began his career in The Golden State of California.

Eric Pulier is so business savvy that it’s allowed him to be a founder of fifteen companies. Having such strong interest in the techno field, he has invested and raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for start-up companies and millions for capital venture deals. His progressive approach to life and work can’t be denied which makes his success legit. This father of four is living the good life, but there are many more projects in the works for future endeavors.

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