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Dick DeVos Names New CEO of The Stow Company, Inc.

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In a recent article for Michigan Live, Dick DeVos was featured regarding his announcement of a new CEO to head The Stow Company Inc., which is a top company in the home storage and organizational products industries. Phil Dolci will succeed Frank Newman, who is retiring at the latest CEO. It appears that The Stow…

How to Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

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If you don’t share an outfit on Instagram, is it truly stylish? You have put time, thought, and true effort into a series of perfect outfits, it is equally worth the effort to learn some tips to share the best picture of them you can with your friends. Vogue asks some of the best photographers…

Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts

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There are a lot of things going on in the travel industry right now. One of the biggest ones was when Andy Wirth fought the incorperation of his hospitality empire. What Happened? There were a lot of things that contributed to the propossed incorporation of Sunset Valley. Some of the biggest were the area and…

Russia Is Delivering a New Way to Look at Romance

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It’s often easy to see what’s most important to people simply by looking at language. The term romance, for example, is best understood by the context of a conversation. This is because the feelings one finds in his or her heart have been documented and discussed for as long as people have been around. This…


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