Dick DeVos Names New CEO of The Stow Company, Inc.

In a recent article for Michigan Live, Dick DeVos was featured regarding his announcement of a new CEO to head The Stow Company Inc., which is a top company in the home storage and organizational products industries. Phil Dolci will succeed Frank Newman, who is retiring at the latest CEO. It appears that The Stow Company will be in capable hands, given Dolci’s many years of experience in the consumer products manufacturing and marketing industries. Dolci previously served as the CEO of Crosman Corporation, which is a top manufacturer and supplier of shooting products based in Cincinnati. Dick DeVos is quoted as praising Dolci’s leadership abilities and expertise in the industry and says that he looks forward to the company’s growth with Dolci at the helm.

DeVos has built quite the reputation as an entrepreneur and businessman based in Michigan. He comes from a long family background of prominent businessmen in the Michigan area, including his father, Richard DeVos, who served as the CEO of Amway and was one of the co-founders of the consumer goods distribution company. DeVos followed in his father’s prestigious footsteps at Amway and served as the CEO of the company from 1993 through 2002. Since then, DeVos has embarked upon an extremely successful series of business ventures, which have netted him an impressive net worth of approximately $5.1 billion. According to Forbes magazine, this made DeVos the 67th richest person in the world in 2012.

In addition to his many business ventures in Michigan, DeVos is also extremely active in politics and community issues. He served on the Michigan State Board of Education in 1990 and ran for governor of Michigan in 2006. DeVos has served as a strong voice in advocating for the local economy in Michigan and supports various educational reform causes through his own philanthropic work as well as consistent political advocacy.

DeVos currently serves as the president of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation, which is a charitable organization based out of Michigan that works to promote education, the arts, community organization and free-market economic policies. He helped to launch the first public aviation public charter high school, the West Michigan Aviation Academy, in the fall of 2010. One of DeVos’ lifelong passions has been flying, and he is able to share that passion with today’s youth through the West Michigan Aviation Academy. He says is is also proud that the academy is a public charter school.

How to Get the Perfect Instagram Picture

If you don’t share an outfit on Instagram, is it truly stylish? You have put time, thought, and true effort into a series of perfect outfits, it is equally worth the effort to learn some tips to share the best picture of them you can with your friends. Vogue asks some of the best photographers for their advice below

Photography Tips
– Use sunlight as often as you can. If you expect to be taking photos at a restaurant, request a table by the window.

– Account for the wide angle lens. iPhones have a very small lens compared to a stand alone camera, so compose your shot as straight as possible.
– Be open to your lines and try a few different options and see what works best.
– If you are shooting in the street, be ready and aware of the action to capture movement or an interaction you won’t be able to replicate.
– Go where the shot will work as opposed to trying to create at. Rooftop shots with a gust of wind can give life to an oversized jacket with a dramatic backdrop. Always be careful and aware not to be in real danger. You can choose what goes in the shot after all.
– Get closer. Viewing Instagram photographs is a small format, so details can be easily lost. For a crisp image, step closer as opposed to zooming in.

– Reflect your personal style in your photographs. Test and see what you like and how it looks in different situations and lighting. Use three very different photographs (just you in daylight, you and a friend at night, and a group shot someone else took) and try out your style options. What works best on all three? You can always fine tune individual images differently, but you want to keep a consistent look. Think of it as your branding, so stay on brand while being inventive.
– Part of your style is the emotion and tone of the photograph. Incorporate how you want the viewer to feel during the planning of the image.
– Part of your style is your palette. Review the colors you are naturally drawn to and what compliments your outfits. Once you zero in on a few colors, be consistent.

– The VSCO app offers more filter options than Instagram.

– The Snapseed app allows more fine tuning than Instagram.

Tag it
– You share to get noticed. What are the tags people you want to begin talking to are using? Use them to join the conversation.

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Olympic Valley Incorporation Efforts

There are a lot of things going on in the travel industry right now. One of the biggest ones was when Andy Wirth fought the incorperation of his hospitality empire.

What Happened?

There were a lot of things that contributed to the propossed incorporation of Sunset Valley. Some of the biggest were the area and it’s troubles with keeping the business going. The last few years have been hard on the company. There have been fewer travellers to the area and less income coming in. Last year things started to turn around. The early snows gave the company a boost and they made more than Andy Wirth thought they could.

The incorporation idea was thought to help the business to stay going in this hard time. They thought the change would make things easier to deal with and would bring in fresh ideas, but they couldn’t see the bad that came with it. The incorporation would cause the funding for publisc things to become low and things like road repair would be on the lower end of what is done. This could cause people to not want to visit the resort and cost more money in the long run. It also would cause a rise in wages for those working in the area. This would be bad for everyone all the way around.

There are a lot of reasons why this incorporation wouldn’t have worked, but we are lucky enough that Andy Wirth was able to convince and fight for the hotel as well as the city to keep it from happening. There are a lot of ways to make a business work, and he knows how to do it without selling out the very company and town he helps to keep going. Anyone that wants to start and run a business should take him example so they can have a business that has entegrity as well as can make it through anything that might be thrown at it.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal

Russia Is Delivering a New Way to Look at Romance

It’s often easy to see what’s most important to people simply by looking at language. The term romance, for example, is best understood by the context of a conversation. This is because the feelings one finds in his or her heart have been documented and discussed for as long as people have been around. This is why sometimes people speak of the romance of a certain location. While at other times romance refers to active courtship. But above all, most people will agree that something amazing happens when various types of romance come together. This might be why dating in Russia has become so popular. Russia is a land of romantic architecture, and filled with people as beautiful as its artwork. The only problem is that many people interested in dating Russians aren’t actually living in the area.

Thankfully, the Internet has come to the rescue. The most common way this happens is by connecting Russian women with men in North America. There’s something about the cultural mesh between these two groups which seems to create a dynamic and adventuresome romance. There’s a fair amount of ways in which online services can match these two groups of people. But the best example can be found with the industry leader, Anastasia Date.

One of the most important things about Anastasia Date is the simple fact that it was created by a Russian-American couple. It’s a service created and run by people who know what’s involved with dating someone in another country. And this can also be seen in how it approaches the dating process. From start to finish, Anastasia Date places a heavy investment in creating real communication between people. It begins with helping people narrow down prospects by shared interests. With a typical dating pool of 8,000 women, this first step is vital. From there the service helps people communicate when they might otherwise face cultural and linguistic difficulties.

However, sites like Anastasia Date do more than simply set up a technological infrastructure. Romance, dating and marriage are things which are heavily tied into one’s culture. New ways of doing things can take quite a while to integrate themselves into the cultural landscape. And while the Internet has been around for a while now, it’s still quite new in the historic sense. Sites focused on romance between Americans and Russians are helping to make people realize it’s even an option. Most people know intellectually that we live in time where global communication is commonplace. But at the same time, few people really take full advantage of that fact. Anastasia Date helps make people in multiple countries aware of the fact that they can find love anywhere on earth. And it shows that wonderful marriages can come about from a combination of old world romance and modern technology.