Harrison Ford returns for Blade Runner sequel

The iconic character of detective Deckard from Blade Runner looks set to return to movie screens with Harrison Ford reported to have agreed to reprise the role he made famous in the 1982 science fiction classic, Rolling Stone reports. The movie looks set to go into production in 2016 with Enemies director Denis Villeneuve set to take over directing duties from Briton Ridley Scott. Despite not directing the future set sequel, Scott has returned as executive producer and had a hand in the story the film will be based upon.

Fans like Haidar Barbouti (Chron.com)know that the 1982 classic was based on Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and featured a 2019 future where replicant human beings were being traced through Los Angeles. Alien director Scott announced the Blade Runner sequel in 2012 and recently claimed the movie would honor the first and not descend into an action oriented movie without a credible vision of the future.

Cocaine-Snorting Oscar Statue Appears on Hollywood Boulvard

A giant statue of an Oscar snorting a tremendous line of cocaine has appeared on Hollywood Boulevard. The statue is the creation of an artist that goes by the name Plastic Jesus. It originally appeared on Hollywood Boulevard on February 19th, just as the festivities for the Oscars started to get underway in the city.

He says that he picked the Oscars for the display because you often hear about celebrities who have drug problems and end up in rehab, but you rarely hear people talking about other crew member such as writers and producers who are facing the same issues.

Bernardo Chua recalls that last year Plastic Jesus created a similar controversial piece, a replica of the Oscar statue with a heroin needle in its arm. The statue was placed in public view shortly after the alleged heroin overdose of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman and was quickly removed.