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Dick DeVos Names New CEO of The Stow Company, Inc.

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In a recent article for Michigan Live, Dick DeVos was featured regarding his announcement of a new CEO to head The Stow Company Inc., which is a top company in the home storage and organizational products industries. Phil Dolci will succeed Frank Newman, who is retiring at the latest CEO. It appears that The Stow…

Bernardo Chua Proves that Coffee Can Be Healthy

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There has lately been a little discussion about coffee. When people think about coffee, one of the things they think about is the huge amount of caffeine. One of the common beliefs is that coffee is actually not that good for the individual. However, Bernardo Chua has brought forth something that could change the minds…

Martina McBride Puts Out Free Streaming Show

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Those who love the country singer Martina McBride and all of the singing that she does will be happy to hear of an opportunity that is coming up. Fans of this beautiful singer will be excited for a free opportunity that is coming up soon. It seems that this singer is going to have a…

GhostBusters Plot Rumors Emerge as Filming Begins

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Director Paul Feig announced on Twitter that the reboot of the female driven Ghostbusters has started production. In a photo of himself dredging ectoplasm out of a cup Feig wrote, “And … action! #slimetimestartstomorrow” As filming moves forward, rumors are emerging about the plot of the film and “script spies” reportedly told The Boston Herald…

Which Dog Is Best and Which Ones To Avoid

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Choosing a dog is a big commitment to any family. If there are children in the home, one must consider the temperament of the dog. Some breads, like Pomeranians, make cute companions but aren’t child friendly animals. They tend to be one owner dogs and don’t do well with children getting up close and personal….

Hernandez Case Goes to Jury This Week

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As seen on social media, former New England Patriot Aaron Hernandez defense in his First degree murder charge has rested and closing arguments are scheduled to begin this week with the jury possibly receiving the case by the end of the week said Brian Torchin. The former start tight end for the New England Patriots…

Teaser Trailer For Batman V Superman To Show With Mad Max

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Zack Snyder has wrapped up production on Batman V Superman in 2014. There has been a lot of speculation as to when a teaser trailer is going to be released for the upcoming film. Among the many rumors was that the first trailerfor Batman V Superman is going to be attached to Mad Max: Fury…

My Life Changed For The Better, Thanks To Skout

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I have always wanted to own my own business, but I never had the means to do so. I borrowed money from family members, friends, and I even talked to strangers, in order to get some funding. No matter what I did, I never had enough money to start the businesses that I really wanted…

Two Blomkamp Aliens’ Sequels Possible

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Last week, writer and director Neill Blomkamp revealed the possibility that his sequel to the movie Aliens might actually be presented as two films rather than one. Blomkamp, in an Empire interview, explained that he first became interested in creating the sequel after speaking with Sigourney Weaver about the first two movies on the set…

Ghostbusters: Four New Movies in The Works?

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Rumor’s about the new Ghostbusters movie being an all female cast recently set off a controversy across the net. Many of the fans from the original movies, such as Zeca Oliveira (, were upset at the drastic change (from all male to all female) and weren’t afraid to share their opinions with the rest of…

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