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GhostBusters Plot Rumors Emerge as Filming Begins

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Director Paul Feig announced on Twitter that the reboot of the female driven Ghostbusters has started production. In a photo of himself dredging ectoplasm out of a cup Feig wrote, “And … action! #slimetimestartstomorrow” As filming moves forward, rumors are emerging about the plot of the film and “script spies” reportedly told The Boston Herald…

Coco Movie Begins Filming With Azealia Banks

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The new musical drama, Coco, will be presented with Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA as the director and starring rap artist Azealia Banks. “Coco,” the main character is a twenty-something rapper who is from Brooklyn. Also starring in the film are Common, Lorraine Toussaint, and Jill Scott. Shooting for the film has started in New York. As…

Is Ryan Gosling Slated for Blade Runner 2

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Interest casting news has emerged regarding the upcoming Blade Runner 2 project. It appears Ryan Gosling is being considered for the top role in the long-awaited sequel. He is not going to be playing Rick Deckard, the role made famous by Harrison Ford back in 1982. Ford is scheduled to reprise the role in the…

“Avengers 2” to Potentially Lead into “Planet Hulk” Storyline

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While the marketing behind “Avengers: Age of Ultron” may be streaming along, Marvel remains relatively tight-lipped about its plans for their not-so-jolly green giant. While The Incredible Hulk will maintain his role as the dedicated bruiser of the superteam, nothing else but a clash with Tony Stark inside of his Hulkbuster Armor is known about…

Deadpool Gets His R Rating

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The young male audience that makes up the bulk of the readers who purchase Deadpool comics are going to be thrilled at some news. Rob Liefeld and Ryan Reynolds have noted the film version of the off-the-wall assassin will be rated R. Originally, it was assumed that 20th Century Fox wanted to produce the film…

Two Blomkamp Aliens’ Sequels Possible

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Last week, writer and director Neill Blomkamp revealed the possibility that his sequel to the movie Aliens might actually be presented as two films rather than one. Blomkamp, in an Empire interview, explained that he first became interested in creating the sequel after speaking with Sigourney Weaver about the first two movies on the set…

Producer of Birdman Tom Rothman Promoted to Chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group

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Sony Pictures Entertainment is making changes in their corporate offices in the wake of the hacking scandal that leaked embarrassing emails following “The Interview” release. According to the New York Times, Amy Pascal has stepped down and former 20th Century Fox chief Tom Rothman is taking over as chairman of Sony’s Motion Picture Group. Pascal…

Goldblum To Return For Independence Day 2

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20 years after the first invasion, Independence Day 2 is set to move into the next chapter of the story with at least one of the original heroes. Jeff Goldblum has been confirmed to be reprising his role as David Levinsen. He will be joined on screen by Chris Hemsworth and Jessie Usher. The story…

“Fifty Shades of Grey” Breaks Box Office Records

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The much-anticipated film adaptation of E.L. James’ erotic novel, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, premiered in theaters over Valentine’s Day weekend. The film broke the record previously held by 2010’s “Valentine’s Day”, earning an estimated $81.7 million over the three-day weekend. According to The New York Times, 68 percent of the movie’s audience was female. The…

Sir Michael Gambon quite the stage after memory problems

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Veteran British actor Sir Michael Gambon, known for playing Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie franchise has revealed he has retired form stage acting because of problems with his memory, the BBC reports. During an interview with The Sunday Times the iconic actor claimed he had noticed he was having problems remembering lines for stage…

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