Anne Hathaway Recreates ‘Wrecking Ball’ Video

Spike TV’s new lip sync battle show has become a hit show over the last few weeks. The host of the show is none other than former rap star LL Cool J. Famous actors, musicians, and athletes have already appeared on the show. However, this last week’s episode proved to be one of the highest rated episodes yet.

Anne Hathaway took on former co-star Emily Blunt in an epic lip sync battle. Anne Hathaway blew the audience away with her performance of Miley Cyrus’s ‘Wrecking Ball.’ The Miley Cyrus song received much attention upon its release because of the very sexual and provocative nature of her music video.

Fans of the show at Anastasia Date watched as Anne Hathaway not only lip synced the song, but she also recreated the sexy Miley Cyrus video. Hathaway wore nothing but white underwear and a white tank top. The crowd was crazy during the performance. Anne Hathaway even jumped across the stage onto a massive wrecking ball. The actress did everything that she could to ensure victory over Emily Blunt.

Who would have thought that the lip sync battles would be this popular? Spike TV may have just created their first hit show. To see a clip of Anne Hathaway’s performance, visit Buzzfeed.