Karl Heideck Has A Philanthropic Heart As PA Attorney

Philadelphia is known across the world as the city of brotherly love, and Karl Heideck is an attorney who is based in the metro and does his part to contribute to that amicable atmosphere. He specializes in litigation as well as compliance and risk management review, and those are two areas of law that allow him to defend the rights of citizens and to help maintain fairness in business throughout the region.

He is something of a philanthropist at heart, and this is seen through one of his latest opinion pieces that gives praise to the leaders in office who helped to pass better car seat laws for children of the state. It is an important improvement due to the fact that the leading cause of death for babies and smaller children remains auto accidents. The change implements new language that calls for rear-facing car seats for anyone in a vehicle who is under the age of two, and that should go far in helping to reduce many of the traumatic injuries and deaths that skew the statistics so miserably in the direction of the youngest citizens. Karl Heideck’s degree from Templeton University Beasley School of Law is what should help propel him to the top as a litigator as he helps those who surround him.

Another area that also recently caught the interest of Karl is the new soda tax for the city of Philadelphia. As the sixth largest city in the nation, the region is no stranger to those who are suffering from obesity and other related health issues. He cites it as an obesity epidemic that at least one third of Americans are struggling with, and, like the auto accidents mentioned above, the weight gain also has an impact on the small ones with even 3-year olds struggling with it. So, 2017 saw a relatively new innovation in the urban area of Philadelphia with a special tax being placed specifically on soda. It amounts to a 1.5 cent sales tax on every ounce of soda that a consumer purchases, and one of the main ideas behind it is to help limit some of that excess weight gain. Attorney Karl Heideck says that it is adversely affecting the poorest as well as smaller businesses like mom and pop stores.

Mr. Heideck’s experience with all portions of the litigation process has prepared him to go further in helping those affected by the various problems of society in the big city, and he is a man who can see the cases through.

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