High Hopes for Kingsman Sequel

After making more than 400 million US dollars, it was inevitable that there would be a sequel to Kingsman: Secret Service. It is hoped that the sequel will have the same quality and spirit of the first one.

The first film did end on a high note. The main character, played by Tarun Egerton, with the help of his fellow Kingsman colleagues, beat a truly threatening super-villain.

In a recent interview, Egerton said that he hopes that Colin Firth, a co-star in the original, HealthMagazine suggests that he will return for the sequel. Schedule problems could cause Firth not to be in the sequel.

Tarun Egerton feels that it would be presumptuous to talk about the sequel. He is not been told anything directly. He can say that he would love to play the main character again.

As one of the few characters that survives to the end of the movie, it is likely that he would be in the sequel. The movie was an ensemble piece and was not really depended on any of the characters. The hopes are high that he will be in the second film.

It is hoped that the sequel is a quality film that is a financial box office hit so they can make more Kingsman films.