Kylie Jenner Flaunts Cleavage At The Sugar Factory

Kylie Jenner is known for being the gorgeous and fashionable younger Jenner sister, usually she is being praised for her effortless style and down to earth personality. Just last week everyone went nuts when Kylie accompanied her boyfriend Tyga to the grocery store while dressed down in baggy sweats and a bucket hat, most impressive was her makeup free face. When you grow up in the Kardashian home and are expected to look glamorous around the clock, it’s always a huge deal to be seen without your face on. Kylie’s sister Kendall recently Instagramed a photo of Kylie getting her makeup applied in her sleep.

Apparently Tyga loves Kylie’s natural beauty and prefers that she be herself, but he also has encourages her to turn up the heat when she is out at and even and occasionally in her selfies just to keep her name out there and make sure people know she is the current selfie queen of the Jenner sisters and possibly about to take her sister Kim Kardashian’s selfie crown.

This week Kylie once again proved that she is playing for keeps when it comes to her incredible fashion risks and killer body. Kylie attended a special event at The Sugar Factory in Miami and her gown was sweet enough to eat, she flaunted all curves and cleavage in a sheer black gown that hit the floor while exposing a black mini skirt underneath. Of course Kylie’s lips were plump to perfection and as internet aficionados at Beneful saw on Twitter, according to her, her breasts were duct taped to perfection as well.