Bruce Appreciates Kris Jenner’s Support

Bruce Jenner is known worldwide for being the dad on the ‘Keeping up with Kardashians’ reality show. However, many people also know that Bruce Jenner is a former gold medalist in the 1976 Olympic Games. Bruce is one of the greatest athletes of all time, but people forget that in today’s world. Nonetheless, Bruce Jenner has taken over the media spotlight once again.

On April 24th, 2015 Bruce Jenner came clean to the world, and he told everyone that he will be undergoing a sex change transformation according to Daniel Amen on Many people were startled at first, and some did not accept Bruce Jenner’s news. However, Bruce has received a ton of support and admiration from his family.

Bruce Jenner’s ex wife, Kris Jenner, recently wished Bruce all the luck in the world. At first, Kris Jenner was extremely unhappy with Bruce’s decision, but now, she appears to be backing her former husband. Bruce Jenner recently announced that Kris Jenner’s love and support has given him extra strength and dignity. It seems that Bruce needed Kris Jenner to be okay with the situation, and now he can finally walk without shame. For more information on this story, visit E!

Kylie Jenner Is An Average Teenager

Kylie Jenner recently released a YouTube video, and she seemed a bit angry at her fans. Rumors have been spread about Kylie Jenner getting lip injections. However, Kylie has denied this, and she says that no 17-year old girl needs plastic surgery. Kylie also said that fans need to realize that she is just like every other teenager in the world.

In the latest episode of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians,’ Kylie is at her dad’s house, and she complains about the weak cellphone service. Kylie throws a temper tantrum, and Facebook says she tells her father that he is so annoying. Bruce Jenner then tells Kylie to put her phone down for just five minutes. However, Kylie doesn’t listen to a word that her father says.

Kylie’s lifestyle is a lot different than most people’s, but most teens can’t put their cellphones down either. Also, what 17-year old girl has a perfect relationship with their parents? No one agrees with everything that their parents say. Kylie is rich and famous, but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think and act like a teenager. Kylie Jenner is just like every other teenage girl in the world, but she just happens to be in the spotlight. For more information on Kylie Jenner, visit VH1.