Jason Statham is Not the Biggest Marvel Movie Fan

We now know that Bullseye is going to be a part of the second season of Netflix’s Daredevil series. For a short bit of time, rumors were flying that Jason Statham was slated to sign on as the masked assassin. These rumors are pretty much over because Statham has publicly stated that he is not going to be Bullseye. Shockingly, Statham has expressed a less-than-positive impression of Marvel movies. Beneful asked why he would opt to “trash talk” Marvel films is mysterious. Could he be angry that talks broke down over the Bullseye role of an appearance in another film? No one knows the whole story. Maybe Statham really does not like Marvel movies and cannot hide his disdain.

Statham has been successful as an actor and maintains a consistent presence in theaters year after year even though many of his films do not do huge money at the box office. Turning down opportunities to work with Marvel in such a harsh manner when the Disney-owned entity is doing huge money is a bit quizzical.

Perhaps Statham is a believer of the notion “Any publicity is good publicity.” Simply saying “No, I am not playing Bullseye but I would welcome a chance to appear in a Marvel movie” probably would not have made any ripples. Speaking ill of Marvel movies and online programming definitely garnered a lot of attention. Attention really is another form of publicity.

Right now, Statham does have a hit on his hands with the comedy Spy.