Is Chris Pine Going to Appear in Wonder Woman?

Chris Pine is quite the busy actor these days. In addition to once again appearing as the rebooted Captain Kirk in Star Trek 3, the actor plays a role on the TV series Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp. Both of those projects are filming right now. Pine may add another role to his resume. Currently, he is in talks to play Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman D.C. Comics film.

No one knows how serious the talks are because Warner Bros. is not confirming anything. Neither is Pine. This makes sense since it would be problematic for an actor or the studio to comment on anything that is not a done deal. Jared Leto kept his mouth quiet about rumors that he was in talks to appear as The Joker in Suicide Squad. Turns out those rumors were 100% accurate. Asa Butterfield was recently embarrassed for commenting on the casting of Spider-Man when the actor did so way out of turn and on Twitter.

STX Entertainment is sure the presence of Pine in the film is sure to draw in a few fans who enjoy his work on Star Trek and other projects, says He is sure to come with a big price tag. Maybe Warner Bros. hopes he can draw in extra fans to help what is surely going to be a costly film. (All hero movies come with $150 million budgets it seems) How active a role the actor will play remains to be seen.