Indiana Jones 5?

Brad Reifler tells us that it is one of cinema’s most profitable and fun franchises. So back in 2013, The Walt Disney Company took charge of it, without much direction of where it was headed in mind. Indiana Jones, which is also an exciting ride at Disneyland, has been talked about in many different aspects. Will Harrison Ford make a return? Will it be a reboot? Are the powers that be really considering Chris Pratt as the new Indy?

Well, these powers that be seem to be happy with keeping all rumors alive. It continues to keep fans of the franchise fully engaged. Recently though, more conversation has surfaced about the future of Indiana Jones. Alan Horn, Disney Chairman, recently spoke about the franchise stating that a new adventure probably wouldn’t be seen until 2016 or 2017. Spies inside the studio have indicated a 2018 release date. But with both Kathleen Kennedy, who has a long working history with franchise creator Steven Spielberg, and Horn saying to date there is no script nor story, the 2018 date may seem more realistic.

With that in mind, the chances of a reboot are more likely. Harrison Ford would be in the neighborhood of 75 years of age by the time cameras would start rolling, making the chances of Ford reprising his iconic role quite slim. Stay tuned as more information concerning Indy will undoubtedly surface.