Get a Clean Home with The Push of a Button

I love it when my home shines. What I don’t like is having to make it shine by cleaning it myself. People hire cleaners for several reasons. They might be working a lot. Or maybe they are ill. The people like me just hate cleaning. But I also hated hiring cleaners on It was such a headache not to mention a little stressful. I wanted them to clean my home but some cleaners don’t have background checks and I had to worry if they were emptying it instead of cleaning.

Handy was one cleaning company that made it their passion to find out what people really needed and wanted from home cleaners. Handy, aka Handybook was started by Umang Dua and Osin Hanrahan. Realizing that today’s society wanted a service fast and efficient to order they created the company so that you only need to push a button on your iPhone.

No phone calls,being put on hold or waiting for someone to call you back. You just enter how many rooms you want cleaned,a time to start and your zip. The iPhone app shows you a quoted price and if you like it you confirm and your credit card is charged. You won’t need cash for tipping either as tips are included in your quote. Handy on fortune takes the worry away too, They do thorough background checks, personal interviews, and reference checks on every potential cleaner hired. In fact they only hire 3% of thousands because their requirements are stringent so you know the cleaner you get is safe. Growth of the new company has been so successful it has exploded nationally and gets over 1 million bookings a week for their services. Additionally Handy offers services in Canada and London internationally.

Another bonus I love is that you have a trail of your payments for tax purposes which adds to a good credit rating. If you are hiring cleaners the old way like I used to chances are you pay in cash. Cash is not IRS friendly meaning record-keeping is more difficult. With the Handy home cleaning platform I have the proper records for both taxes and my credit report. That can make every difference when you need to buy on credit. I could tell companies I paid for home cleaning without fail in cash but since it never made a trail of successful payments it’s like you don’t even have it. Places like car companies won’t use cash cleaning payments when allowing you credit but they will with Handy Cleaning Service payments.

Handy continues to grow and strives to bring the best cleaners and services to your home with ease with push button ordering. Because they know like you and I do. Nothing is better than a fresh clean shining home, except a fresh clean shining home where you didn’t have to life a finger other than to order.