The U.S. Money Reserve: It Is Time To Invest In Precious Metals

It is time for everyone to consider investing in gold because precious metals have long being known to be the best way to safeguard wealth during periods of economic turmoil. In fact, the typical precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum proved in the past decade their ability to outperform many other asset types in the market of US Money Reserve. It is no doubt that many economies continue to experience struggle with various issues. Market predictions show that the price of gold is set to hit new records in the future.

Many experts believe the U.S. dollar is threatened according to US Money Reserve, and the world is faced with various geopolitical concerns that make paper currency much riskier than precious metals. There are some reasons you should consider investing in precious metals. One of the reasons is the history of the paper currency to collapse and possibly becoming worthless as the government issuing it falls apart. On the other hand, gold will always be supported due to its scarcity. The other reason is central banks protecting themselves through stockpiling gold. Many eastern nations are diversifying their reserve currency options from U.S. dollar to gold.

When it comes to gold, scarcity is the game people play. The cost of mining gold is rising, and no one knows how much of it is remains embedded in the earth. Data released by SNL Metals Economics Group shows that gold deposits have fallen to its lowest levels since 2000. Billionaire George Soros has predicted turf economic times ahead and has affirmed his prediction by investing in gold. Recently, he reduced his U.S. stock investments by more than a third and chose to bet on a rise in gold prices.

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Reports in the government filing indicate that the value of Soros Fund Management’s publicly disclosed holdings was reduced to $3.5 billion by the end of March. Soros Fund Management, which is exclusively owned by George Soros, disclosed owning 2.1 million shares from SPDR 500 ETF Trust and a stake in Barrick Gold Corp., the world biggest producer of the metal with shares worth $264 million at the end of March.

The U.S. Money Reserve gives you a golden opportunity to invest in gold. When Eric Dye, the host of the Entrepreneurial Podcast Network’s Enterprise Radio held a chat with Philip Diehl, president of the U.S. Money Reserve, Diehl told him that the customer service of the US Money Reserve had improved significantly its customer service to match the very best American businesses on customer satisfaction.

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