Writing for Wikipedia

When it comes down to it, there really is only one stop on the entire internet where users can be expected to find the information that they desire. Wikipedia has been the worlds premier encyclopedia, yes including Britannica, for almost the past decade. Every passing year it seems like the volunteer driven, open source encyclopedia grows in a big way. With hundreds of thousands of online editors working from every corner of the globe, it only makes their job all the more impressive. Wikipedia is run by the sweat equity of invested volunteers and those people are internet champions. In order to join their effort to keep Wikipedia as an open source of up to date knowledge, many folks should consider becoming an editor.

Learning the Ropes
As with any ‘job’, volunteer work on Wikipedia can only be accomplished in the proper fashion so long as the workers are willing to learn the ins and outs of the position. Fortunately, Wikipedia has set up several levels of help for incoming editors in order to make their transition into the company an easy one. The first place that new editors should start is the Wikipedia Manual of Style. The Wikipedia Manual of Style is a long and dense document that details the ins and outs of editing on Wikipedia. The MoS, as it is shorthanded, ultimately contains all of the rules and formatting guidelines that editors are expected to follow. These rules help keep the Wikipedia to be seen as one flowing piece of work, rather than a bunch of segments tacked on by a multitude of different voices.

Keep it Impersonal
Many jobs, workers will be asked to make the job ‘their own’ by finding ways to work toward success. For Wikipedia the goal should be a little different: remain impersonal and unbiased. Wikipedia can only truly succeed as an unbiased source of information so long as the editors refrain from using their own blatant narrative voice. The adherence to a ‘neutral point of view’ allows Wikipedia readers the ability to seamlessly take in all of the information in an almost clinical fashion, preventing any one author from upstaging the rest of the workers.

Personal Pages: Get Your Wiki
In the event that an author or editor DOES require a page to be posted on Wikipedia, they’d be best served looking toward a Wikipedia creation service like Get Your Wiki. Get Your Wiki is a page adding service that helps users get their own pages into the Wikipedia encyclopedia while following all rules and regulations. The most important rule is the Rule of Notability, which makes sure that Wikipedia isn’t flooded with pages of random content.

Creating Online Writing Page

Wikipedia is the most popular internet encyclopedia and just like any other wiki, anyone can do some editing. There are more than three million articles written in the English language making it the largest wiki worldwide. Most people visit the site whenever they wish to know about a certain subject. It is also used for researching where one is writing about a certain topic and wishes to get additional information. The information available at Wikipedia is mostly work previously done by other people who later upload it for other people to view. Those passionate about writing also have a chance to express their love for writing by writing about something mostly of their interest. This is what is referred as Wikipedia writing which will be discussed in this article. Please note that if any of this is too confusing, you can always hire Wikipedia writers to help you with the struggle.

Creating a Wikipedia page is a process that requires the writer to follow. The first step is to do a search to confirm whether there is another title under the same subject exists. The results will show whether there is a related article to ones subject. The red colored link is an indication that the title is not in existence while the blue link indicates existence of such title. By clicking the red link, a blank page appears and the save page button should be clicked to create the page.

Apart from encyclopedia articles, all other articles must include a namespace prefix followed by the title. Media files have an exception when it comes to creating a page in that they are uploaded through a separate and dedicated interface accessed through the ‘upload file’ click.

There are another category of namespaces that can only be created by either the administrators or other users whose access levels are higher. They include mediawiki pages, education program pages, special pages and module pages.
If one wishes to change or edit an existing page or a section of it and the title as shown in the uniform resource locator (URL) of the browser’s address to a new title, one should click edit and then do the changes before clicking the enter button. The new title will appear as if it was the one originally put.

A Wikipedia spam is that unwanted advertisement link in a site. The problem is that they appear as full uniform resource locators replacing the legitimate and original content of a page with the hope that their pages will be viewed by those who visit the site. One can remove a spam by overwriting it with the original older version.