OSI is an America private owed food processing industry that was founded in 1909 in Chicago. It’s headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois (USA) and its being headed by a president by the name: David McDonald. . Its main aim is to be the” premier global supplier of custom value-added food products to the world’s leading foodservice and retail food brands.” This group is also not limited to only its services but also it extends its support to different individuals who want to excel in life by offering an employment opportunity regardless of where they are. the organization is global and this is attributed to how it has structured its network platform in all the branches all over the world in different countries so as to maintain its good performance in offering food solutions it has local management times in all its branches that understand the needs, taste and culture of the group of people they are offering the services to in their locality hence their services connects and services the intended purpose. This is clear as it operates more than 50 facilities in 17 countries.

OSI group is planning to touch millions of souls by expanding their operations to different counties and opening new facilities all over these will provide employment opportunities to professions and also graduates and at the same time feed the need and taste of millions when it comes to best food services. This is evident by the fact that 2014 alone OSI group started ground breaking operations in seven different countries with the global aim of spreading all over the globe.

OSI group supply value-added protein items, such as sausages and beef. OSI Group also supplies items such as sandwiches and pizza to retail brands. These are just some of the examples of the things that are mentioned at any corner of the world and the name OSI comes to mind. It is very hard not to think of OSI group when any meat product is mentioned.

Due to the excellent work in environmental management, OSI group in 2016 it became one among 18 other leading organizations that were presented with a globe of honor. In order to compete for the Globe of Honor, an organization first had to achieve the maximum five stars in the British Safety Council’s environmental management audit scheme in the period August 2015 – July 2016. OSI group also demonstrated to an independent panel of experts that they are excellent in their environmental management throughout the business.

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The Achievements and passion of the Entrepreneur, Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a native of Arizona, raised in Tempe, and a graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Arizona State University. He attained this before his attainment of an MBA from the ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

He is prominent for being exemplary in his duties. This comes alongside spending his whole proficient life undertaking technology for he is passionate about it. He has the belief that technology is the reason behind all the transformations taking place continually in the entire globe.

Notably, he is very engaged in philanthropy but still enhances the management of all the commitments that he has. He considers management of time as one of his high skills. It is for the same reason that he has the choice of making time for what he enjoys the most. This includes working together with SENS Foundation. The focus of the Foundation is on coming up with new solutions related to anti-aging with the cellular level being the one that’s most exciting.

Being a futurist, he finds a lot of excitement following the experience about the transformations that the Internet of Things brings to the society. It can modernize our ways of living. He is hopeful about the fact that the firm will establish an increasingly sustainable globe for enjoyment by the generations to come later.

Additionally, he is a successful entrepreneur in possession of the spirit in that line. He finds happiness in sharing his thoughts and ideas concerning technology and business with anyone interested. To know more click here.

He is a graduate in the field of business. It is after graduating that he started carrying out experiments concerning the mobile technology that resulted in the development of Jawa which is a firm working alongside mobile communications. The firm is currently parent to various other technology holdings. This is about the rest of the partnerships having heads in the tech company.

He also has a lot of interest in politics across Arizona State and throughout the nation. He acknowledges that networking is as significant as the online marketing and it is important nurturing the personal as well as professional connections always.


Adam Milstein, a Philanthropist in the Making

Adam Milstein is a man with a great heart. Tracing his origin among the Jewish people, Adam has deep roots in Israel. To this end, he happens to be one of the most recognized real estate investors in all of Israel. Due to his skill in matters regarding real estate, Mr. Adam has been able to work at Hager Pacific Properties as a managing partner.



Above all, Adam Milstein is highly famous for his philanthropy. He has a deep-rooted involvement with the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation that helps students around the world get in touch with their Jewish customs. In so doing, the foundation has been able to help students around the world keep a close connection with their mother country. Due to his love for people, Adam together with his wife is incredibly vibrant about their foundation’s progress. Thus, Adam ranks among the top two hundred best philanthropists around the globe.



Besides, Adam Milstein is the founder of the Israeli and American Council that encourages bilateral relationships between the United States of America and Israeli governments. Adam has gone a step further to push for reforms on American policies that significantly affect the Jewish community. Mr. Milstein is extremely vocal when it comes to advocating for his people’s rights since his wife was at one point in time an immigrant. He also has a vested interest in writing since it helps him articulate his thoughts to the rest of the world. So far most of his work has already been published by high-end editing companies.



A vast majority of Adam’s publications are written in Hebrew since it is his wish to see to it that Jewish cultures and traditions do not get lost in this modern world. Milstein, unlike other philanthropists, is very engaging in his charitable efforts. Instead of dictating policies from the comfort of his office, he works on projects that he has initiated with fellow community members. As a result, he has been able to successfully realize his vision of helping the Jewish community be better than they were before. Thus, Adam Milstein is one man who the Jewish people love and adore.

Giving Voice To Humanity-Thor Halvoseen

Thor Halvoseen is well known human rights advocate. The human rights advocacy has been running in his family and they trust to fight for humanity is not anything to discuss instead it is a mandate. Thor Halvoseen was born and raised Caracas, and he comes from a swashbucklers and head of states background. His paternal grandfather Oystein was the Norwegian king consul in Venezuela during the Second World War. He was a very powerful man, and when the Germans invaded his home, he redirected all the Norway’s Merchant fleet to Venezuelan ports. Oystein power was also evident in the way he handled arguments; he once fought a couple Nazis when he was stopped by to object.

His royalty origin also came from his mother who descended from the first president of Venezuela Cristobal Mendoza and Simon the Liberator, a military leader who assisted the American Latin in getting independence from Spain. Thor love for people led him to fight for humanity and their rights. Thor’s first cousin was also among the human rights and freedom fighter. Currently, the cousin Leopoldo Lopez is in a Venezuelan prison for going against the Chavista Regime. Thor’s family was not afraid to stand and also die for what they believed in, his father was not ashamed to expose the government corruption as he worked as a Venezuelan drug Czar, he was toured and died in a Caracas prison. On the other hand, his mother was shot in a demonstration dubbed Anti-Hugo Chavez.

The 40 years old human rights advocate Thor Halvoseen loves people a passion that led to the establishment of Human Rights Foundation in 2005. Thor is also a film producer and his movies and Foundation mainly focuses on public policy, public interest, individual rights, human rights advocacy as well as civil liberties.Thor Halvoseen did not only found Human Rights Foundation, but he is also the founder of Oslo Freedom Forum a foundation described as the human rights festival. His passion for humanity has given him the opportunity to hold several positions in some organizations including Czech-base Children’s Peace Movement and On Own Feet where he is the patron. Thor is also the founder of Moving Pictures Institute. His voice for advocacy has also made him be recognized by the University of Pennsylvania President Judith Rodin for protecting the speech of the students. In 2010 the Romanian leader Emil Constantinescu presented Thor with a Presidential silver medal as they celebrated Romanian Revolution of 1989 tenth Anniversary.


Jason Hope – Discussing How Internet Of Things Is The Next Big Thing

The technology is changing rapidly and thanks to the futurists like Jason Hope, the technology is sure to get better with time and evolve further. Jason Hope is a frequent commentator on all things technology and recently spoke about the benefits of the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things, Jason Hope, said is going to be a big deal in the world of technology in the future. It is because it would all the devices and the gadgets we use in our lives, which doesn’t include only mobiles, tablets or PCs.

Jason Hope said that the Internet of Things would connect everything, starting from kitchen appliances to home appliances and from a simple coffee maker to the power shower in the bathroom. It means that the coffee would be ready as you wake up and the hot shower would be heated at the right temperature during the pre-fit bath time. It would save time for the individuals, and on a larger scale in different verticals, it would help the organizations and companies to work more efficiently and perform smartly. Jason Hope said that the era of smart technology would soon end as it would be taken over by the Internet of Things.

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Jason Hope also provides business consulting services for the state and national companies and organizations as well as individuals. He also believes that the power of technology can change many things in our live, including enhancing our lifespan. It is why he donates to SENS Research Foundation that does extensive research on ant-aging and improving the quality of life.

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Adam Milstein, Hager Pacific Properties, And Successful Real Estate Investing

An article published in Ideamensch during the month of December, 2016, summarizes an interview with Adam Milstein, the managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties. He talks about his past, his current work, his philosophy about real estate, and what motivates and drives him to succeed.


Milstein came to the United States from Israel in 1981 for the purpose of attending the University of Southern California to pursue a MBA degree. Upon graduation he stayed in Southern California and starting a career in commercial real estate as a broker. He used his life experience in Israel which included service in the armed forces. This put him ahead of the typical graduate. After three years as a broker, he moved into the area of real estate investment. This led to the formation of Hager Pacific Properties along with his partner David Hager.


Adam Milstein is a hard worker who enjoys his work. He is persistent and consistent in his approach to his business. He says you must follow up every contact. Realize that there are no short cuts in real estate investing and that you must be in it for the long haul. Success does not come quickly but is the result of hard work and the passage of time.


When asked for the one idea he follows over and over, it is to understand the issue at hand. Do not rely on anyone else. Understand the problem and be part of the solution.


Milstein is involved in several charitable causes including an organization that provides free books in Hebrew for Jewish families. Family is the most part of his life. He says the best money he ever spends is for dinner with wife and children. Adam Milstein gives back to the community from his success in real estate.


Adam Milstein does not set specific goals. He just loves his work and believes that consistent hard work pays off in the long run. Once you realize commercial real estate investing is not a get rich scheme, you can work hard and success will come. Real estate investing takes patience and the passage of time.